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Why is tissue culture technique effective in potato seed production?

If you want healthy seeds of potato then do farming in net house, Know the technology and benefits of net house


India is second only to China in terms of potato production, but the shortage of healthy seeds remains a challenge. Potato consumption is also very high in the country, because potato is such a vegetable, whose demand remains throughout the year. In such a situation, there is a need to increase the production of potatoes and for this it is necessary to have healthy seeds. Most of the farmers produce potatoes only to sell, but they do not know that they can earn good profit by producing potato seeds. Provided it is grown with high tech technology.

Use of tissue culture technique in potato seed production 

Traditionally in potato farming, half the crop gets spoiled due to pests and diseases. In such a situation, scientists believe that by adopting tissue culture technique in the net house, farmers can produce potato seeds and from this infection free seeds will be obtained.

tissue culture technique
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What is tissue culture technique in potato seed production? 

This is hi-tech technique of potato seed production. In fact, this technique was first adopted in 1970 at the Central Potato Research Center, Shimla. Good and disease free varieties of potato were prepared. In this technique, tissue is taken from any part of the plant and kept at a certain temperature. Then it is transplanted into the culture solution. After about twenty days the plant becomes ready. Then these plants are taken out and kept in the net house. Where they are planted in the cockpit in the growth tray and the temperature of the net house is kept at 20 to 25 degrees. When the plants become a little strong, then they are transplanted in the field. About two lakh plants can be planted in one acre.

Crop loss due to infection 

Pests like Chipa disease and white fly gradually infest the potato crop completely. This affects seed production up to 50%. Farmers heavily use pesticides to avoid pests, which increases the cost of farming and reduces profits. In such a situation, in order to get more profit to the farmers, the Central Potato Research Institute advised to produce potato seeds in the net house.

Through the net house, farmers can multiply and multiply by preparing infection-free seeds once. There is no danger of external pests when farming in net house, due to which the seeds remain infection free for many years.

tissue culture technique
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Keep these things in mind in net house 

The net house should have two doors which should be closed with zip lock system. Use drip technique for irrigation. Keep in mind that the mesh of the net house should be of nylon. If you want, you can install permanent and temporary mesh of any kind, but the quality of permanent mesh is good and once installed, it lasts for three years.

Two crops of potato can be obtained continuously by cultivation in net house, which is not possible in open field. Canopy management in net house can reduce the number of small tubers. 

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