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‘Palash Brand’ changed the fate of these rural women of Jharkhand

More than 60 products are being manufactured under Palash brand


Jharkhand State Rural Livelihoods Mission (SRLM), is proving to be a milestone by providing several means of livelihood to the women of the state. Palash brand has been created under this mission to promote women entrepreneurs and provide a market for their agro based products, which is motivating rural women to become entrepreneurs.

Improvement in the socio-economic status of women 

Palash brand aims to inspire rural women to take up entrepreneurship. Providing market to the products manufactured by them, getting reasonable prices, all this is being done under the Palash brand. The brand helps rural women of Jharkhand to earn more profit by bringing all their products under one roof. Thanks to this, women can sell their products directly at palash marts or display counters, eliminating the role of middlemen. In addition, indigenous products manufactured under the banner of Palash are also available on Amazon and Flipkart.

Palash Brand
‘Palash Brand’ changed the fate of these rural women of Jharkhand

Higher profits than before

Earlier, rural women used to sell their products in the market through middlemen. This used to reduce their profit ratio, but the Palash brand has provided an opportunity for them to sell their products directly in the market by eliminating middlemen. This gives them good price for their product. All the products sold under this brand come with hallmarks, which enhances the credibility of the product. The market value of this brand is expected to be Rs 1000 crore by 2023. The logo of the brand is Palash ka Phool, which is the state flower of Jharkhand. The tag line of the brand is “Respect for the labour force of rural women”. Presently there are 42 Palash Marts, 31 Display & Sales counters in different blocks of the State, where more than 60 products are being sold.

Palash Brand
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All work under one brand

Under the Palash brand, women are doing all the work like manufacturing, processing, packaging and selling of the product. Due to this their products are also becoming popular. An application named ‘Palash Mart Mobile App’ was also launched during the Corona period. Through this, customers used to order goods sitting at home. They used to get the goods delivered. Due to this, women entrepreneurs did not face the problem of income even in those difficult times.

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What goods are sold ?

More than 60 products are sold, including soap, arhar Dal, Mustard Oil, Ragi Flour, Corn Flour, Cumin Rice, Turmeric Powder, Chilli Powder, Honey, Tamarind, Chocolate, Cowpea, Triphala, Jamun Seed Powder, Lemongrass, Handwash, Pickle, Sanitizer under the brand Palash.

Palash Brand

Women making soap

Rural women of Sakhi Mandal of Kasmar and Chas blocks of Bokaro district have been doing soap making work for the past several months. With this, she is getting an income of Rs. 3 to 4 thousand per month. The women are happy with this work and say that they take full care of safety standards while making soap. They have full confidence that their market will increase further in the coming time. The Palash brand has helped promote women empowerment in rural areas of Jharkhand.

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