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Earth had its 4th-warmest October on record

October 2022 was the fourth warmest October on record globally


The planet added another warm month to a warm year. With October 2022 ranking as the world’s fourth-warmest October in 143 years. Notably, the Northern Hemisphere saw its second-warmest October and Europe saw its warmest October on record.

According to a US scientific agency, 2022 could become one of the ten warmest years on record. Additionally, the NOAA noted that October ranked as the world’s fourth-warmest month in 143 years.

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This week the temperature in some towns in the province of Buenos Aires reached 36.3°. And summer days are already living in spring. It was the case of the city of Morón, a record maximum temperature was recorded that exceeded the previous one of 1961.

In this sense, the National Meteorological Service (SMN) shared an NOAA report. Showing that the month of “October 2022 was the fourth warmest October on record globally, with a temperature 0.89°C higher than the century average XX”. And that 2022 has a very high probability of being within the 10 warmest years.

What were the warmest years on record?

In the images shared by the scientific agency of the United States Department of Commerce (NOAA). Whose activities are focused on monitoring the conditions of the oceans and the atmosphere. You can see how from one map to the next the colour red. Which indicates the warmest record, it is expanding more and more. The periods being compared are from 1991 to 2020 and 2022.

While the NOAA study focuses on the Northern Hemisphere, it also notes: “The planet added another warm month to a warm year with October 2022 ranking as the world’s fourth-warmest October in 143 years .”

“The average global temperature for October was 1.60 degrees F (0.89 degrees C) above the 20th century average of 57.1 degrees F (14.0 degrees C),” the scientific agency detailed, adding. which thus ranked as the fourth warmest October on record in the world. In 2015 it had the warmest October, followed by 2019 and third by 2018.

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