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Karan Vandana- Know the specialty of this wheat variety

It gives bumper earnings, read where women farmers have set an example. Know in which states this type of farming is suitable for farmers


A North Indian meal is incomplete without roti, chapati or paranthas. The demand for wheat is very high in our country and the good thing is that the country is self-sufficient in its production. Wheat is cultivated the most in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Bihar. Agricultural scientists continuously develop new and advanced varieties of wheat to increase the yield. One such variety is Karan Vandana also known as DBW 187. With this variety, the women farmers of Gorakhpur showed the way for farmers to earn more by producing bumper crops. This variety was developed by the scientists of Wheat and Barley Research Institute, Karnal.

What is the specialty of Karan Vandana DBW 187 in Wheat? 

  • It has a higher protein content as compared to other wheat varieties. Apart from this, biologically zinc, iron and other minerals are also present in it.
  • This new variety of wheat gives higher yield than other varieties.
  • It has the ability to fight many types of diseases like yellow rust and blast etc. That is, on sowing this variety of wheat, the fear of crop failure will be less for the farmers.
  • It has 43.1 ppm iron content, due to which bread made from this wheat can also be helpful in preventing anaemia by removing blood deficiency.
Karan Vandana
Image Credit: Indiamart

Suitable for these places 

The new wheat variety Karan Vandana i.e. DBW 187 is an excellent choice for sowing in the north-eastern plains of eastern Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam and West Bengal. Just need to take care of irrigation in it. Women farmers of Gorakhpur got bumper yield from this new variety which proves that the climate of Gorakhpur is good for this new variety. Karan Vandana gives good yields even in hotter temperatures.

Superior to other varieties 

Karan Vandana gives higher yield of wheat as compared to other improved varieties of wheat. Pusa Yashasvi variety of wheat produces 57.5 to 79.60 quintals per hectare, maximum yield per hectare from Karan Shriya is 55 quintals and DDW 47 variety produces about 74 quintals of wheat per hectare, while Karan Vandana yields 75 to 82 quintals per hectare. Capable of yielding up to Not only this, the crop also gets ready after ripening in 120 days.

karan vandana
Image Credit: ICAR-IIWBR

More healthy 

This variety of wheat is considered more nutritious than other varieties. According to experts, the amount of protein in normal wheat is 10 to 12 percent and iron is 30 to 40 percent, but the protein in Karan Vandana is more than 12 percent and iron is more than 42 percent. That means the bread made from this wheat is more healthy.

After the bumper yield made by the women farmers of Gorakhpur, surely other farmers are also attracted towards this new variety. They want to use Karan Vandana for high yield, so that they can earn well. 

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