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Pusa Basmati cultivation with advanced techniques, Ajay Singh of Uttar Pradesh runs a farm school, shares modern methods

Suggest ways to protect the crops from damage


Balpur Mustakham is a village in Pilibhit district of Uttar Pradesh. Progressive farmer Ajay Singh lives here. He likes to keep doing new experiments in farming. He keeps sharing his experiments and experiences with the farmers. He got a farm school constructed on his vacant plot. He started working on how to benefit the farmers, how to bring the knowledge of advanced techniques to the farmers. Today many farmers come to his farm to learn the tricks of advanced farming techniques. In this farm school, they experiment with new rice varieties, organic fertilizers and innovative pest management techniques. 

Pusa Basmati cultivation
Pusa Basmati cultivation. Image Credit: thenewshimachal

How did the idea of ​​opening a farm school came about? 

A friend of Ajay Singh used to work in the Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA). The two often discussed how to strengthen the farming skills of farmers and youth. This is where Ajay Singh got the idea to open a farm school. His father used to say don’t sit around waiting for a good opportunity. The answer to all your questions and the way to success is around you. The most important thing is a never give up attitude and a constant search for success. Ajay Singh, following the words of his father, opened a farm school. Ajay Singh wanted to do something for the farmers, that’s why without delay, this farm school was opened with the aim of informing the farmers and youth about the latest information and techniques of farming.

Pusa Basmati cultivation
Pusa Basmati cultivation. Image Credit: Department of Agriculture & Cooperation and Farmers Welfare


Make your farm a training center 

He planted Pusa Basmati-1121 variety of rice in one hectare of his farm. Showed it to the farmers by doing its Front Line Demonstration. Other farmers also adopted it. This was his biggest achievement.

Ajay gave information about the treatment of seeds to the farmers who came for training. Ajay told that the seeds should be treated with Streptocycline, 12 hours before sowing them in nursery beds. Streptocycline is a bacteriostatic antibiotic drug, which protects the crop from diseases such as bacterial leaf blight in paddy. Apart from this, they add Trichoderma to the compost, which controls soil-borne diseases. Then after 25 days the plants are planted in the field from nursery.

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Pusa Basmati cultivation
Image Credit: ICAR

Suggested ways to prevent crop damage

Once upon a time, the plants in the farm got infected with stem borer disease. Ajay consulted experts for its treatment. Experts recommend planting 7 to 8 cards of Trichogramma once a week per hectare area. He asked to repeat this method three times. This reduced the percentage of their crop loss.

Ajay, through his farm school and front line demonstrations, explained the benefits of integrated pest management methods to the farmers. These methods were not only effective for the farmers, but also resulted in cost reduction. As a result, Ajay got a yield of 25 quintals of rice per hectare. Due to his efforts, he has emerged as an example for his fellow farmers.

Suggested ways to prevent crop damage

Specialties of Pusa Basmati 1121 Variety 

The Pusa Basmati 1121 variety, released in 2005, has longer grain size. The size of rice is more than 12 mm. The share of 1121 rice is the highest in rice export. The average yield of 1121 paddy is 45 quintals per hectare. Whereas maximum yield can be up to 60 quintals per hectare. Its plant height ranges from 110 to 120 cm. The Pusa Basmati-1121 variety takes about 106 days to mature.

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