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Top 10 Farm Machineries Useful For farmers In This Kharif Season

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Top 10 Farm Machineries for the Kharif Season | The Kharif season, also known as monsoon crop season, is a crucial cropping season for farmers in India. It starts with the onset of the southwest monsoon in June and ends with the withdrawal of the monsoon in October every year. As the monsoon makes landfall, farmers start preparing the soil and sowing the seeds, and with the withdrawal of the monsoon, farmers start harvesting the matured crops.

The Kharif season requires adequate rainfall, fertile soil, and the right farm machinery so that farmers can make the most of this season and maximize their crop yield.

Top Farm Machinery Useful During Kharif Season

Farmers require various farm machinery during the Kharif season to improve their productivity and efficiency. Farmers need different farm machinery for various agricultural activities. For instance, MB plough or disc plough for ploughing, cultivator for soil preparation, and seed drill for sowing seeds. This section will discuss different farm machinery that are useful for the farmers during the Kharif season.

1. Tractors

The tractor is undoubtedly one of the most valuable farm machineries for farmers during the Kharif season. Its versatility makes it indispensable in a wide range of farm activities.

Tractors attached to the suitable farm implement help plough the fields, prepare the soil, and remove weeds. They also facilitate seed sowing, intercultural operations, and transporting agricultural inputs and outputs.

With various attachments and implements, tractors can be adapted to different farming needs, making them a valuable investment for farmers.

Some top tractor models for the rainy season include Mahindra 575 DI, Swaraj 744 FE, and John Deere 5310 Trem III, among others.

2. Power Tillers

Power tillers are smaller and more compact than tractors, making them suitable for small and medium-sized farms. They are also known as mini tillers or walking tractors.

Power tillers consist of an engine, wheels or tracks, and a set of rotary blades or tines that till the soil.

They help prepare the land, remove weeds, and transport farm materials.

3. MB Plough

Ploughing is the first step in the agriculture process. Today, ploughs of different variants are available in the country according to their use. The most basic and widely used is the MB plough.

MB Plough, also known as a Mouldboard plough, is an essential farm machinery used for primary tillage operations. It helps break and turn over the soil, preparing it for planting during the Kharif season.

The MB plough comprises a curved metal blade, known as a mouldboard, which cuts through the soil and turns it over, burying weeds and crop residues.

Besides, other ploughing implements useful during monsoon crop season are Disc Plough and Hydraulic Reversible MB Plough.

4. Cultivators

Cultivators are versatile farm machinery used for secondary tillage operations in agricultural fields. They are ideal farm machinery for breaking up and loosening the soil, removing weeds, and preparing the seedbed for planting during the Kharif season.

Cultivators come in various sizes and configurations, allowing farmers to choose the most suitable type based on their needs and field conditions.

5. Rotavator

The rotavator is a farm machinery that facilitates effective land preparation by tilling and pulverizing the soil. It breaks up clods, uproots weeds, and mixes organic matter into the soil.

Rotavators improve soil aeration and water infiltration, thus creating an ideal seedbed for crop sowing.

Farmers can save time, reduce labour requirements, and enhance soil health by using a rotavator, leading to better crop growth and yields.

6. Seed Drill

In the Kharif season, proper and uniform seed sowing is crucial for the establishment of crops. The seed drill is a farm machinery explicitly designed for this purpose. It ensures precise seed placement at the desired depth, spacing, and density.

A seed drill machine comes in different variants: mechanical seed drill, disc seed drill, and rotary seed drill.

These machines improve germination rates, minimize seed wastage, and enhance crop uniformity. Farmers can achieve higher yields and save time and effort with a seed drill compared to manual sowing methods.

7. Sprayers

Pests, diseases, and weeds can significantly impact crop health and productivity. To combat these challenges effectively, farmers require reliable sprayers.

Sprayers come in various types, including manual knapsack sprayers, power sprayers, and tractor-mounted sprayers. These farm machineries enable farmers to apply fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides accurately and efficiently.

By ensuring timely and targeted application, sprayers help control pests and diseases, suppress weed growth, and protect crops, ultimately leading to healthier and more abundant yields.

8. Combine Harvester

Harvesting is labour-intensive and time-consuming, particularly during the Kharif season when crops such as paddy, wheat, and maize are ready for harvesting.

A combine harvester or a multi-crop harvester machine is a revolutionary farm machinery that significantly improves harvesting efficiency. It integrates several operations into a single machine, including cutting, threshing, and cleaning.

With a combined harvester, farmers can harvest and process crops in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional methods. This technology reduces labour requirements, minimizes crop losses, and ensures the timely and efficient harvesting of crops.

9. Thresher

After harvesting, separating grains from the harvested crop is another essential step. Threshers are farm machinery designed for this purpose. They efficiently separate grains from crops like paddy, wheat, and maize.

Threshers significantly reduce the time and effort required for manual threshing and increase the speed of grain processing.

By streamlining this crucial post-harvest operation, farmers can save valuable time and resources and ensure the timely availability of clean and market-ready grains.

10. Crop-Specific Harvesters

Crop-specific harvesters are ideal for harvesting specific crops efficiently, reducing manual labour, and improving overall efficiency. For example, Paddy harvesters are used to mechanically harvest Paddy, reducing the need for manual harvesting and minimizing crop damage.

Sugarcane harvesters automate cutting and loading sugarcane stalks, increasing harvesting speed and productivity.

Maize harvester pickers streamline the labour-intensive process of maize harvesting, reducing labour requirements and improving harvest quality.

These crop-specific harvesters are essential for farmers growing these crops during the Kharif season.


The Kharif season presents immense opportunities for farmers to achieve higher crop yields and improve their livelihoods. Farmers can optimize their agricultural operations, save time and labour, and enhance productivity with the right farm machinery. Farm machineries are essential tools for modern agriculture. They automate and streamline various farming tasks, improving efficiency and productivity. These farm machineries are in demand and available for sale on digital platforms like Tractorkarvan.

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