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7th pass woman gave contribution in animal husbandry

Left studies in the middle, dedicated life to farming


Chemical fertilizers and pesticides help in giving a good crop for some time, but after a time, there is a fear of reducing the fertility of the land due to their continuous use. This has a negative effect on the yield potential. Actually, chemicals destroy the nutritional value of the soil, due to which the land becomes barren. That’s why natural or organic farming is being promoted on a large scale in the country. Agricultural experts have always been advocating organic farming and animal husbandry. By doing indigenous farming, not only good and quality crops can be obtained, but barren land can also be made fertile. Chikka Mahadevamma, a woman farmer from Karnataka has shown the same in organic farming and animal husbandry.

Who is Chikka Mahadevamma? 

Hailing from the Mandya district of Karnataka, Chikka Mahadevamma started farming at an early age. Because of this, she could not even complete her basic education. She has studied only till the seventh standard, but she has no regrets about it. She says that at that time the family situation was not such that she could continue her studies further, but she is happy that today she is connected to the land. He enjoys doing farming work. She is a woman of progressive thoughts and steadfastly faces the challenges that constantly come in farming. This is the reason why they made the dry land dependent on rain green again.

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4 acres of land made fertile 

Chikka Mahadevamma had 2.5 acres of ancestral land. After marriage, husband’s 1.5 acres of land became total 4 acres of land. Both the lands were badly affected by the ravages of drought. This was a big challenge before Chikka Mahadevamma. He continued to meet progressive farmers, farmer organizations, many farmers to improve the quality of land. After this, she came to the conclusion that natural farming is the only solution to this problem. During this, she came in contact with the Agriculture Technology Management Agency (ATMA), a project designed to help the farmers. Through numerous training sessions, radio and TV programs, he increased his knowledge and applied it on his farm.

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What is special in their farming and animal husbandry ? 

  • Chikka Mahadevamma does completely organic farming on her 4 acres of land, in which she cultivates a variety of crops.
  • Organic farming is not possible without animal husbandry. He has 2 country cows, one buffalo, 6 goats, 5 sheep and 16 country chickens. She prepares organic fertilizers from their waste.
  • There is a small tractor, which he bought on a subsidy given by the Agriculture Department.
  • There are two borewells of 3 inch each. 
  • A water tank was built by the Agriculture Department with the subsidy received under the construction scheme.
  • Using the subsidy given by the Horticulture Department, a Bio Decomposition unit was constructed to make manure from agricultural waste.
  • Solar insect trap has been installed free of cost by Agriculture Department to avoid insects under ATMA scheme.
  • An onion storage center was constructed for conservation of indigenous onion varieties. This too was built under the subsidy given by the Horticulture Department.

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Gives advice to farmers 

Chikka Mahadevamma’s new methods were appreciated by officials, experts and farmers. Many farmers in his area have turned to organic farming to maintain the quality of the land. Mahadevamma also sells organic plants and seeds at affordable prices. Along with this, she also gives necessary advice and help to thousands of farmers. His twin cropping and multiple cropping techniques are fast becoming popular in the region. He has been honored by many institutions for his contribution in the agriculture sector. Has been honored with many awards like ‘ATMA Shreshtha Krishikaa Puraskar’ at Taluk and District level, ‘Vijaya Karnataka Super Star Farmer Award’, First Prize at District level in Annual Flower Show program of Mandya. 

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