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Broadcasting Method in Paddy Cultivation reduced the Cost

No need to prepare separate nursery.


In the traditional cultivation of paddy, first, its nursery is prepared. Then after 15 to 21 days, the prepared plants are transplanted in the fields. This method takes both hard work and time. Whereas nowadays, farmers want to use technology that saves time and labor, the cost is less, and the profit is more. Rupireddy Lakshmi, a woman farmer from Kondapalkala village in the Karimnagar district of Telangana, uses advanced technology for successful paddy cultivation.

Paddy Cultivation on 8 acres

Rupireddy Lakshmi has planted paddy crops on 8 acres. She uses the direct seeding technique instead of the traditional method, also known as broadcasting. She took training under the Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) to learn this method. In 2018, this advanced technology was used on one acre of her land during the kharif season. Direct sowing of 15 kg seed of ‘KNM-118’ variety of paddy per acre was done in her field with the help of ATMA.

Features of KNM-118

Its plant height is 100-106 cm. This variety is suitable for both Rabi and Kharif seasons. Its crop is ready in 120-125 days in the Kharif season and 125-130 days in the Rabi season. This variety is not affected by diseases like leaf blasts and neck blasts in paddy crops.

Broadcasting Method
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What is the Broadcasting Method?

In agriculture, the sowing of seeds is done in many ways, one of them is broadcasting. The field’s soil is made crispy by plowing it well. Then the seeds are scattered in the field by hand. After this, by doing light plowing, the seeds are mixed with the soil and filled. Generally, crops like wheat, paddy, sesame, fenugreek, coriander, etc., are sown by this method. This is the fastest and cheapest method of sowing.

Saves Time and Labor

Rupireddy Lakshmi found that in direct sowing of paddy, the process of uprooting the plants from the nursery to the field is eliminated. In this way, the time and labor involved in this work is also saved. Along with this, the expenditure on nursery is also saved. To prevent the problem of weeds in direct sowing, 500 ml Weedicide Assert is sprayed per acre.

Timely sowing also reduces the risk of pest attack. In this method, the cost of labor in sowing is saved because neither nurseries have to be made nor plants have to be uprooted from one place and planted in another.

Broadcasting Method
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Better and Higher Yields

Rupireddy Lakshmi got 29 quintals per acre in sowing by broadcasting method. By selling paddy at about Rs.2200 per quintal, he made a profit of about Rs.1,35,000. He is very satisfied with it and is preparing to grow crops with the same method in future also.

Seeing Rupireddy Lakshmi, other farmers of the area have also been inspired to sow paddy with the broadcasting technique. In order to get a good crop from direct sowing, weed control is very important along with good field care.

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