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Know what is connection of cotton with mushroom cultivation?

2 million tonnes of cotton stalks come out per hectare, to be used in mushroom cultivation



Agricultural scientists have invented a technique for the farmers cultivating cotton. With the help of this technology, farmers can easily do mushroom cultivation along with cotton. Know here about the technology and how it can give benefits to farmers. 

Cotton is cultivated as a cash crop. The largest production of cotton in our country is in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. Farmers get good profits from its cultivation. Cotton cultivation is done on about 94 lakh hectares of land in India. Every hectare produces two million tonnes of cotton stalks as agricultural waste. Do you know that farmers cultivating cotton can use these stalks to increase their income? You can earn profit by doing mushroom cultivation at low cost. The technology of cultivation of Oyster mushroom from cotton stalks has been invented by the Central Institute for Research on Cotton Technology.

mushroom cultivation
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Features of making Oyster Mushroom from Cotton Stalk : 

  • About 300 grams of oyster mushroom can be produced in a month from one kg of dried cotton stalks.
  • The cost of growing one kg of mushroom is Rs 50, which includes the cost of spawn.
  • The market price of Oyster Mushroom is Rs 80 to 150 per kg. The price also depends on the quality of the product.
  • Generally, farmers growing oyster mushroom use paddy or wheat straw as compost. In this new technique, cotton straw is used instead of paddy or wheat straw.

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mushroom cultivation
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Advantages of technology 

Regarding this technology, ICAR-CIRCOT says that mushroom is rich in protein, so if it is cultivated in the village, the protein needs of the villagers will also be fulfilled. As far as the profit of the farmers is concerned, farmers can earn up to 10 thousand rupees a month by cultivating oyster mushroom from cotton stalks.

You can take training from here 

Training on this technique is given at the Counting Training Center of ICAR-CIRCOT, Nagpur. For more information about this technology, you can contact on the numbers 022-24127273, 022-24127276, 022-24184274, 022-24184275.

Oyster Mushroom Nutrients 

According to a study, oyster mushrooms contain more nutrients than button mushrooms or shiitake. It is rich in riboflavin, potassium, vitamin B6, folic acid (folate), magnesium, vitamin C, pantothenic acid and amino acids. This mushroom is also free from cholesterol and gluten. 

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mushroom cultivation
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You can increase your income by making many products 

Dhingri mushroom can be dried and stored for a long time. Mushrooms are used to make pickles, powders, soups, bhujia and many more products. Farmers are earning good income by making different products from mushroom at home.

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