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Why is the trend of farmers moving towards the cultivation of colourful cauliflower? Know about the cultivation methods

Colourful cauliflower has many benefits, know important things related to its cultivation


Farmers are now more aware than before and are always ready to do new experiments in farming. That’s why along with traditional vegetables, he has also started growing some vegetables, which are different from common vegetables. You all must have always eaten cauliflower, but have you eaten yellow and purple cauliflower or seen it in the market? Maybe some people have seen colourful cauliflower in the market, but do you know that it is very beneficial for our health along with giving more profit to the farmers. There are many different varieties of cauliflower as well as many colours. The special thing is that artificial colours are not added to them, but they are naturally yellow and purple. Come, know the important things related to the cultivation of colourful cauliflower. 

Nutrient rich colourful cauliflower

Yellow and purple cauliflower are not only beautiful to look at, but they are also beneficial for health. According to experts, an element called carotena is found in yellow cauliflower and allantina element is found in purple coloured cauliflower, which is helpful in increasing eyesight. In addition, it is also helpful in preventing cancer. Colourful cauliflower is also high in protein. Apart from this, the properties of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc etc. are also found in it. Colourful cauliflower is beneficial for the elderly and pregnant women. It also helps in strengthening immunity and bones. 

colourful cauliflower
Image Credit: onegreenplanet

Soil and Climate for Colourful Cauliflower Cultivation 

Like common cauliflower, cool and moist climate is suitable for its cultivation. The temperature should be 20-25°C for proper development of plants. Soil rich in fossils is good for colourful cauliflower. Also, there should be proper arrangement for drainage. pH of soil balance should be between 5.5 to 6.6.

How to sow colourful cauliflower? 

After plowing the field 3-4 times, level it with a pad. Plant nursery has to be prepared for the cultivation of colourful cauliflower. About 200-250 grams of seed is required for one hectare. After planting the seeds in the nursery, when the saplings are 4-5 weeks old, they should be planted in the field. Plant them at a distance of 60*60 or 60*45 cm. After planting, do some irrigation. The best time for cauliflower cultivation is from October to October.

colourful cauliflower
Image Credit: colourful cauliflower

Fertilizing and irrigation in colourful cauliflower 

It is necessary to apply the right amount of manure for good yield. Mix the rotted manure of cow dung in the soil and after testing the soil, add chemical fertilizers as per the need. If a soil test is not done then apply 120 kg Nitrons, 60 kg Phosphorous and 40 kg Potash per hectare. Add cow dung and compost to the soil 15 days before transplanting the plants. It is also necessary to keep irrigating at an interval of 10-15 days for proper growth of plants.

In how many days the colourful cauliflower crop is ready? 

The crop is ready for harvesting 100-110 days after transplanting. On an average, 200-300 quintals of cabbage crop is obtained from one hectare. Colourful cauliflower gets good price in the market, which makes the farmers more profitable.

The income and expenses in the cultivation of colourful cauliflower are as follows (in an area of ​​200 square meters):

Production cost: Rs 2500

Plant to plant and row to row distance = 60×60 cm (555 plants)

The average weight of a cauliflower flower = 850 grams

Average production = 471.75 kg

Selling price = Rs.25 per kg

Total income = Rs 11793.75

Net Income = Rs 9293.75

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The data given above is from Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Parsauni, East Champaran-II. It is based on colourful cauliflower grown in 2020-21 on the premises of U.S. and nutrition gardens of some farmers. 

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