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Goat Farming: Why did this woman choose Black Bengal breed for goat farming? She is called master trainer

Goat rearing business is pleasing women farmers


The women and other farmers of the rural areas of Sundarbans are very backward. They also have to struggle for livelihood. Bandabi Mandal, a woman farmer of the area, has not only succeeded in overcoming all the obstacles, but has also set an example for other farmers. She has improved the financial condition of her family through goat farming and is earning well. 

Help from Biotech Kisan Hub Project 

Bandabi Mandal, a resident of Sahebkhali, a remote village of Sundarban, started rearing Black Bengal goats. Her path was not easy. She was always worried about the non-availability of good quality goats and lack of necessary inputs and health hazards to the goats. After starting the activities of Biotech Kisan Hub (Government Project) all their problems got over. Not only this, her success inspired other farmers as well. 

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goat farming
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help from training 

Under the Biotech Kisan Hub project, they were given training related to goat rearing. In this, goat rearing was told in a scientific way including diseases of goats and first aid, housing, management, diet, vaccination. She started her animal husbandry business with three Black Bengal goats and one deer. Then bought four more goats from the local market. 

Short time success

Till date, she has 16 Black Bengal goats and one deer. With the sale of Black Bengal goats, she built a concrete shed for the goats for about 20 thousand rupees. Apart from this, she also bought 10 katthas of agricultural land for 25 thousand rupees. Goat rearing has increased the family income. She has become an inspiration for other farmers due to her success in a short span of time. She is known as a progressive woman farmer and master trainer in the area.

Being a master trainer, she gives training related to scientific goat rearing to other fellow farmers. She also gives her goats for breeding to other goat owners for a very small fee. Seeing the success of Mandal, around 100 women farmers have started rearing Black Bengal goats.

goat farming
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Characteristics of Black Bengal Goats 

Goats of this breed are found in West Bengal, Orissa and Bihar. These goats have short legs and are black in color. However, in some areas it is also found in white and brown color. The weight of an adult male goat is 20-25 kg and that of a female goat is up to 15-20 kg. Goat gives 300 to 400 ml milk for 3 to 4 months. This goat is specially reared for meat and their skin is also good. Goat of this breed gives birth twice a year and gives two or more children at a time.

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