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Kisan Diwas Special: The crop of prosperity waved on the barren land

Learn from famous farmer Prem Singh the infallible 5 Guru Mantras of farming


National Farmers Day is being celebrated across the country today. But do you know why Kisan Diwas is celebrated only on 23 December? Actually, this day marks the birth anniversary of the 5th Prime Minister of the country, Chaudhary Charan Singh. Appreciating his contributions in the agriculture sector, his birthday is celebrated as Kisan Divas. On this special day of Kisan Diwas 2021, we are going to tell you about a farmer who worked to grow gold from the barren land of his area. His name is Prem Singh.

barren land

You must have often seen pictures of barren land in newspapers or on TV. There are many such places all over the country, where the thirsty earth yearns for every single drop of water. The situation is such that sometimes water has to be brought from outside. One such place is Bundelkhand, also known as the hot desert of Uttar Pradesh.

The person to whom credit goes to irrigate this hot desert with his hard work, dedication and patience is Prem Singh. Prem Singh, whose Brahma sentence “Kisan pale goru aur goru pale khet aur khet se sadhete kisan ke sab het” today probably every farmer wants to repeat. Kisan of India has prepared this special report after meeting this Prem Singh.

barren land

Who is Prem Singh? 

Renowned farmer Prem Singh, a resident of Banda district of Bundelkhand, is credited with growing the crop of progress in the ‘hot desert’. Today, not only from Bundelkhand or Uttar Pradesh, but many progressive and well-known farmers from the country and abroad come to take Guru Mantra of farming from him. After passing out from Allahabad University in 1987, Prem Singh turned to agriculture and chose his ancestral land as his workplace. Took up farming, but becoming a farmer was not easy for Prem Singh. The family members were not happy with his decision, but Prem Singh had made up his mind to dedicate his life to farming.

barren land

Prem Singh is such a guru, who does not hold back from imparting progressive but related farming knowledge to anyone. Although Prem Singh has a lot of Guru Mantras for organic or traditional farming, but these five big Guru Mantras are the essence of his philosophy of farming.

Five Big Guru Mantras of Prem Singh: 

Guru Mantra no. 1 – Farming is not possible without animal husbandry

Guru Mantra no. 2 – Plant a garden in one third of the field

Guru Mantra no. 3 – Grow your own crops for the family

Guru Mantra no. 4 – Process the produce

Guru Mantra no. 5 – Put a part of the earnings on the needy

You can see above the exclusive video of Kisan of India based on Prem Singh’s methods to improve farming. In this video Prem Singh talked in detail on all his Guru Mantras. In this video, you will get many important information from modern farming to rotation farming.

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