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Know how pomegranate peels are a boon for chickens in poultry business

Pomegranate peels can make cheap and healthy food for chickens


Pomegranate has many nutritious elements which are very beneficial for humans, but do you know that the waste of pomegranate peel is important for chickens. 

If you are also involved in poultry business, then this news is of great use to you. Pomegranate husks, which are usually discarded as waste, can be used to make inexpensive and healthy supplements for chickens. Juice shops, fruit juice processing units generate large amounts of pomegranate peel waste, which is called processing waste.

According to chromatographic analysis, pomegranate peels contain a chemical called polyphenols, which is very beneficial. It has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, that is, it works to eliminate the bacteria and fungus that cause diseases to chickens. That is why it is also known for its hepato-protective activities in animals. Pomegranate peels can also be used to obtain water-soluble polyphenols inexpensively through the water infusion method. According to experts, pomegranate peel extract if given daily to broilers and layer birds improves their performance. It can be used as a supplement for chickens. The extract is extracted from pomegranate peels through the water infusion method.

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How will the supplement for chickens be made through technology? 

With the help of special technology from pomegranate peels, supplements are prepared for chickens.

  • First, the pomegranate peels are dried in the shade for 4 days to make a coarse powder.
  • It is the raw material used to make pomegranate peel extract.
  • The powder is poured into a glass vessel with hot water and then the crude extract is filtered twice using a muslin cloth. The pomegranate peel extract prepared in this way is kept in a dark place away from sunlight. It should be used within 48 hours of making.
  • Small amounts of this extract mixed with drinking water were shown to improve lifespan, body weight and feed conversion ratio of broiler and layered birds.
  • According to estimates, it costs only Rs 110 to prepare 100 liters of pomegranate peel extract.

What are the benefits? 

  • There is no harm to the environment. The water infusion method is very simple and does not require any special equipment. 
  • Supplementing poultry with husk extract increases the cost-to-benefit ratio, i.e. lower cost and higher profit.
  • Chickens that were given this supplement were 3 percent more beneficial than chickens without the extract.
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By using this technique, people engaged in poultry farming can increase their income as well as keep the health of chickens good. For more information about the technique, consult an expert. 

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