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Methods to protect mustard crop from diseases and pests

Many diseases and pests harm the mustard crop, know how to deal with them


The sowing season of rabi crops is currently going on in the country. Wheat, barley, potato, gram, lentil, linseed, peas and mustard are the major rabi crops. Mustard is the main oilseed crop of rabi. Mustard is cultivated on a large scale in many states of the country such as Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, West Bengal, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Bihar, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh.

Recently, the government had also announced an increase in the MSP of rabi crops. The MSP of Mustard was increased by Rs.400. Mustard, which was being sold at the rate of Rs 5,050 per quintal till now, will be sold at the rate of Rs 5,450 per quintal in the coming season 2023-2024. This year mustard was procured at many places more than the fixed MSP. This figure reached from seven thousand to Rs. 9,500 per quintal. Mustard production is also estimated to double this rabi season due to good prices and government efforts. Mustard sowing is now going on at full speed. Farmers are irrigating their fields with mustard crop with full dedication. In such a situation, it is also necessary that the farmers maintain their mustard crop properly. Mustard crop is affected by many diseases, if identified in time, the crop can be saved from major losses. In this article, we will tell you about many diseases and pests affecting mustard crop, as well as how to identify their symptoms and treat them.

Mustard Crop
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White rust disease

Mustard crop often suffers from white rust disease. In such a situation, it is important that farmers monitor their crops from time to time. The chances of development of this disease are high in 10 to 18 degree Celsius. In this disease, white coloured spots start forming on the lower surface of mustard leaves. Brown spots appear on the upper surface.

Treatment: To save mustard crop from this disease, do not allow weeds to grow around the crop. Spray Ridomil (MZ 72 WP) medicine without delay on seeing the outbreak of white rust. Make a solution by mixing two grams of the drug in one litre of water and spray it. Apart from this, Mancozeb can also be sprayed by mixing 1250 grams per 500 litres of water. Do two spraying at an interval of ten days on 45 and 55 day crop. Be sure to take the advice of experts before doing the treatment.

Mustard Crop
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Mustard blight or black spot disease 

In this disease brown spots appear on the leaves of mustard. These spots gradually start damaging the leaves and holes start forming in the center of the leaves. A yellow layer also starts forming. Later the leaves affected by this disease start falling. The spots also appear on stems and pods. Pod grains are shrivelled, which affects yield potential.

Treatment: Make a solution by mixing 2.5 grams of Mancozeb medicine per litre of water when the disease appears. Then do two to three sprays on 45, 55 and 65 day crop with a gap of 10 days.

Mustard Crop
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Mustard Stem Rot or Polio Disease 

This disease mainly develops only after flowering in the crop. In this, dull brown spots start forming in the lower part of the stem. Initially these spots look like a white mesh. Due to this disease, the plant starts withering and hangs down.

Treatment: To save the mustard crop from this disease, do deep plowing of the field well in advance, i.e. in summer. Don’t let weeds grow in the field. Keep proper distance between rows and plants in the crop. Spray Carbendazim at the rate of 0.1 percent if the outbreak of the disease is observed. Spray on leaves and stem twice at an interval of 10 days.

Mustard Crop
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Mustard painted bug pest 

The pest destroys plants by sucking the juice from them. These pests cause more damage in the month of March at the time of sowing and harvesting.

Treatment: Prepare well in advance to save the mustard crop from the pest attack. Give first irrigation three to four weeks after sowing. Due to this, the insects that grow inside the soil die. Malathion 50 E.C. if there is a lot of infestation on the crop. 500 ml of the drug Dissolve the quantity in 500 litres of water and spray at the rate of per hectare.


Mustard Crop
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Mustard aphid 

The outbreak of mustard champa is seen on the crop in the end of December. Its outbreak increases by the time of January-February. These insects also harm the plants by sucking the sap. These insects release a kind of liquid, due to which mustard plants start getting affected by black fungus. These pests grow rapidly in an area with 60-80 percent moisture.

Treatment: Prepare a 5 percent solution of neem cake and sprinkle it on the plants when the disease appears. In severe infestation, oxydemetan methyl 25 EC. or Dimethoate 30 EC Make a solution of 500 ml to 500 litres of water and spray it. This amount of solution is sufficient for per hectare.

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