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Organic Farming: Guts to leave a govt job? If yes, meet Nabanita

Today youths come from far and wide to learn the tricks of organic farming from him


For getting a government job, many people prepare for years and years. Nabanita Das left the government job in 2010 and chose the path of organic farming.

“My salutations to all farmer brothers”, you must have heard this line in many political rallies and forums. Whenever farmers are addressed through a rally, they are called as ‘Kisan Bhai’. Why farmer? Because farming has often been seen to be associated with the male society. There was not much discussion about the contribution of women in agriculture, but now the situation has changed a bit. Now many women in agriculture are setting an example of women empowerment and are becoming inspiration for other women. According to a report by the international group OXFAM, 75 percent of the full day workers in the fields in India are women. That is why it is probably correct to say ‘Kisan Saathi’, not ‘Kisan Bhai’. In this article today we are going to tell you about one such woman who left the government job to adopt agriculture.


Left government job in 2010 for farming, adopted organic farming 

Nabanita Das, who hails from Jorhat district of Assam, comes from a farming family. From the very beginning, she also had a passion for farming. Nabanita Das, who worked as an assistant nurse in a government hospital, used to get attracted to the farms around her whenever she went on duty. After working for a few years, she made up her mind to take up farming. And despite everyone’s refusal, she did what no one in India even dreamed of. Nabanita Das left government job in 2010.


नOrganic Farming
Image Credit: outlookindia

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Agriculture department gave full cooperation 

Nabanita was not aware of the nuances of farming. For this, Nabanita took proper training. In 2014, she participated in the training programme for Horticulture organized by the Assam Agriculture Department. Apart from this, she also participated in many more training camps. Due to these trainings, Nabanita gradually began to try her hand at fish farming and animal husbandry along with doing traditional farming. She got success in this too.


Farm has become ‘Agriculture Center’ 

Nabanita’s hard work made her a well-known farmer of her area. Her farm has become a small agriculture centre. She also runs ‘Nabanita Organic Farm’. Here she cultivates fruits, flowers, vegetables, pulses and oilseeds crops along with traditional crops. He has raised chickens of different breeds in the farm itself. Among these chickens there is also a famous breed Kadaknath. Apart from this, he has also reared indigenous and foreign breeds of pigeons and ducks.

Nabanita has used every corner of her farm. She also does vertical farming, in which vegetables are grown with the help of rope and bamboo wood. There is also a vermicompost unit in the farm itself.

Nabanita also cultivates several aromatic rice varieties like Teki Joha, Kunkuni Joha, Kola Joha. Apart from this, she also cultivates the famous black rice of Manipur, which is used to make many products.


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Organic Farming
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No problem in getting market, buyers contact themselves 

Due to increasing health awareness, people have started using organic products on a large scale. Due to this there is a demand for organic products in the market and the price is also good. Regarding adopting organic farming, Nabanita says that the cost is less in it. In organic farming, quality, yield as well as taste is good. Due to being chemical free, its price is also good in the market. They do not face any problem in getting the market. Buyers from many states as well as the region contact them directly. Nabanita says that organic farming has become her steady source of income. This has given her financial security.

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Profit increasing year after year 

Before 2014, Nabanita used to earn around four thousand rupees. After learning the tricks of farming, he made a profit of 30 thousand rupees in the first year. He earned a direct profit of 56 thousand rupees in 2015, 96 thousand rupees in 2016, one lakh ten thousand rupees in 2017 and 1,25,000 rupees by the end of 2019.

Organic Farming
Image Credit: department of agriculture and farmers welfare


Has been honoured with many awards 

Nabanita Das has also been honoured with many awards for her contribution in the field of agriculture. He was honoured by Vice President of India Venkaiah Naidu during an event in 2018. In 2018 itself, the Indian Council of Agricultural Research awarded the Innovative Rice Farmer Award. In 2018, on the occasion of Mahila Kisan Diwas, ‘Progressive Mahila Kisan Puraskar’ was also given to her. From the state government to the central government, she has been honoured many times.

Today many young farmers come to visit Nabanita’s organic farm. She takes many information related to farming from them. Many youths of the area are inspired by her and are encouraged to be associated with farming.


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