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How to save diesel? If you want to reduce cost of farming and increase profit

Know, such precautions by which the cost of using agricultural machinery can be reduced


There is a direct relationship between the cost and profit of diesel consumption in farming with agricultural equipments. That is why in order to make agriculture more profitable, there must be enough emphasis on the farmers to keep the cost of fuel or petrol and diesel to a minimum. That is why, agricultural experts have given such tips, which prove to be very useful and beneficial for the farmers. In view of the ever-increasing fuel prices, such remedies should be given priority immediately.

save diesel

  1. An instruction manual is also given by every tractor or agricultural machinery manufacturer with its machine. It is prepared by experts on the basis of experience. That is why its instructions should be read very carefully and definitely, because in it the correct way of using and maintaining the machine is told. The instructions given in the instruction manual should be strictly implemented in order to get maximum benefit from agricultural equipment with minimum cost. 
  2. There should be no leakage from the fuel tank of the farm machinery and any part of its fuel pipe, because if even one drop per second leaks, more than 50 litres of oil will be wasted in a month. So, do not allow the oil to drip out under any circumstances. If it is necessary to go to the mechanic to solve this problem immediately, then do not hesitate at all. 
  3. When the engine is started, if it hears a tapit, it means that the amount of air needed for the fuel to burn in the engine is getting less than it needs. Due to this, the consumption of diesel increases and black smoke is released. The engine may need to be repaired or fixed if a tapit sound is heard. Therefore, its work should be done as soon as possible. The longer it is delayed, the more the cost will increase.
  4. Black smoke coming out of the engine simply means that it is consuming more diesel than it needs and is not able to generate energy by burning the amount of diesel it is consuming. Only partially burnt diesel is visible as black smoke. This can also happen due to a fault in the injector or injection pump. Injectors must be checked after 150 hours of use in small engines and 600 hours in tractors.
  5. After starting the engine, it should be allowed to warm up for at least 30 seconds. Only then should the load be put on it. Because sudden loading of the engine when it is less hot or cold, its parts wear more and the diesel also costs more.
  6. If while working with agricultural equipment, it seems that even after increasing the speed or giving the accelerator, its power is not increasing properly, then it should be understood that the parts like piston and ring of the engine have worn out. Due to this condition, the cost of oil in the engine starts increasing. Therefore, the engine should be repaired as soon as possible.
  7. Do not leave the engine running unattended. This wastes at least one litre of diesel per hour. Also keep the engine self starter and battery etc. in good condition so that it can be started easily when needed and diesel is not wasted.
  8. Due to the penetration of fine particles of dust along with the air in the engine, the internal parts wear out more. Not only does this cost more oil, but it also increases the cost of maintenance. So only clean air should go into the engine. For this the air purifier or air filter should be changed regularly. If the engine is fitted with two filters, never replace them at once, but replace them back and forth and only after a specified number of hours of use.
  9. While using the tractor, keep in mind that the brakes are not engaged, because if the brakes are engaged, the consumption of diesel will increase tremendously. While using tractor or any equipment, choose the right gear keeping in mind the work load. Engine smoke does not turn black until three quarters of the accelerator is used with the right gear. But if black smoke starts coming out then use lower gear in tractor to save diesel.
  10. If the tyres of the tractor get worn out, they will slip during work and increase the cost of diesel. So, keep changing the tyres at the right time.
  11. Less air in the wheels of the tractor increases the consumption of diesel. Therefore, maintain the correct air pressure in the tyres as per the instructions in the instruction manual. If an unworn tyre starts slipping during operation despite having the right air pressure, it can be prevented from slipping by putting extra weight on the wheels or filling the tyre with water instead of air. This will save on diesel cost.
  12. The cost of diesel also increases by moving the empty tractor in the field without work. So drive the tractor in such a way that it takes less time to move around the edges and get more work done in the field. Driving the tractor along the length instead of the width in the field will reduce the chances of loose rotation and work can be done with less diesel consumption. 
  13. To operate the pumping set or thresher, etc., only run the diesel engine at such number of revolutions that the machine can get enough revolutions. Driving on more turns not only increases the cost of diesel, but also increases the risk of wear and tear.
  14. Using a large or small pump or engine in a pumping set also results in wastage of diesel and less water. That’s why choose the right engine and pump, which will give maximum water in less cost.
  15. The pumping set consumes more diesel even in case of drawing water from a longer distance. That’s why keeping the pumping set as close to the water surface as possible saves diesel.
  16. The slipping of the lease running the pump also increases the cost of diesel. That is why it is very important to keep the leash properly tight. The joints in the belt should also be minimum and its pulleys should be in line with each other. This will prevent the strap from slipping and save diesel.
  17. The pump set also costs less diesel than using larger diameter taps and larger pore foot valves. When choosing a foot valve, keep in mind that the area of ​​its holes must be two and a half times larger than the area of ​​the tap.
  18. The cost of diesel is high if the tap of the pump set has more turns. Therefore, keep the tap as straight as possible and use the least amount of twisted turns if needed.
  19. The higher the tap that pumps out the water from the pump set, the more diesel will cost. So don’t take it too much.
  20. Even when the Mobil oil of the engine is too old, its power starts decreasing and diesel is spent more. Therefore, change the engine’s mobil oil and filter at regular intervals. These days high quality multigrade mobil oil is available in the market, which works for a long time. This increases the life of Mobil oil replacement and reduces the cost. 

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