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Now smartphone will detect soil health, farming will be easy

Soil test to know soil health... This will be done in minutes, farmers will choose the crop according to the health of the soil


In the modern technology of soil health checkup, farmers can get accurate information about the soil in less time through image analysis.

It is important for the farmers to know the health of the soil, which crop will grow best in which soil, which crop will give more yield and how much irrigation is required. If there is high quality soil then there will be healthy trees and good yield of healthy trees will lead to good production. Many farmers get the soil tested before planting the crop, so that they can get good yield.

But it is not possible for every small and medium farmer to get the soil tested in their fields. In such a situation, a modern technique of soil health check-up can be useful to these farmers, in which the health of the soil can be tracked through mobile phones.

Not all farmers in the country have adequate facilities for proper testing of soil fertility. In such a situation, a team of scientists is researching how smartphone cameras can be converted into an effective and easily available alternative in this direction. According to a report by Down to Earth, the research team has done an important study of image-based soil organic matter (SOM). The mobile app developed by the researchers is effective in rapidly estimating soil organic matter and soil fertility status through images.

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Testing on soils of agro-climatic zones

The study, conducted in West Bengal, India, used soil samples from three agro-climatic regions of the state. This technique uses advanced modeling to measure soil organic matter (SOM) status, by analyzing differences in soil colour. Through this technique, other information related to soil nutrient level, soil quality and its health can be obtained.

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Modern technology vs Traditional methods 

Modern techniques of image analysis are more effective than traditional methods in determining soil health. The reach of traditional methods is limited. Research in the laboratory requires a lot of labor and time for the expensive equipment and things involved in the collection and handling of soil samples. On the other hand, under Image Analysis, a simple smartphone can make fast and reliable assessments based on the image of the soil.

What is the opinion of experts ? 

Dr Kaushik Majumdar of the African Institute of Plant Nutrition said that SOM technology is an easy way to get data. Its use opens up new opportunities to advance more precise, data-driven agriculture in crop-producing regions.

Technology helps make rapid predictions 

This technology is capable of rapidly predicting the parameters of the soil organic matter (SOM). Through machine learning (ML), the research team is continuously improving its model to recognize any error-inducing signals and improve its accuracy.

(Translated by: Neha Tripathi)

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