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Solar Dehydrator Machine is solution to crop damage

Learn how to preserve spices and vegetables for longer


The farmers cultivating spices and vegetables have to bear losses many times after getting good yields due to not getting fair price in the market. Generally, due to high moisture in vegetables and spices, farmers sell the produce at a low price due to the fear of spoilage. In this, the most damage is done to spice crops. Mainly tomato, ginger and turmeric farmers face more problems. Dehydrator Machine has been made to solve this problem. Using this, the moisture of vegetables and spices can be dried and kept safe for more days. Kisan of India had a special conversation with Kuldeep Dixit, Enterprises Development Manager, Amreli Gujarat, India Foundation for Humanistic Development, on how this machine protects farmers’ vegetable and spice crops from damage.

Solar Dehydrator Machine

How to keep it safe for long? 

Kuldeep Dixit says that it is necessary to dry the spices before storing them. It should also be taken care of if it is stored properly. Actually, food gets spoiled due to dirt, sudden rains, rats and insects on drying outside. At the same time, drying these products in the traditional way takes a lot of time and labor and also comes with many problems. To solve this problem, electronic and solar dehydrators and slicer machines have been developed. With this, vegetables and spices can be dried in a very short time and can be kept safe for a long time.

Through this machine, 12 types of spices and vegetables including turmeric and ginger can be dried and preserved for long days. Through this, storage can also be done for off season. Farmers can earn better profit by selling these products even in off season.

Solar Dehydrator Machine

What is solar dehydrator machine technology? 

Kuldeep Dixit told that many types of fruits and vegetables including ginger, turmeric, tomato, onion, bitter gourd, cucumber, apple, coconut can be dried and kept safe for more days. He said that the problem of drying is more common in front of the farmers cultivating turmeric and ginger, in which case the solar dehydrator machine has made this task very easy.

This is not a very big and expensive technique. This is an easy and cheap technique. The Solar Dehydrator is made from an iron angle 6 feet long, 3 feet wide and 3 feet high. A plastic cover is mounted on the outside of the angle. It also has a small door, which is used to keep vegetables and spices in and out. There is a small plate of solar on top of it and a fan for air inside at one corner. This fan runs on solar power. The special thing is that the colour of fruits and vegetables does not change after drying with the solar dehydrator machine and they also remain clean. While drying fruits and vegetables in the open, the colour gets removed and even dust, soil etc. get mixed in it. He told that the solar dehydrator dries the spices and vegetables in a day. On the other hand, many vegetables including turmeric and ginger are cut into small pieces with the slicer because it is easy to dry and dries quickly.

Solar Dehydrator Machine

Double to triple by adding value

Kuldeep Dixit further explains that the product requires a washer machine to clean it. Slicer is required for cutting, solar dryer for drying and if the product is to be made powder then grinder and packing machine is required for packing. All these are run by electrical and solar power. With this technique, farmers are earning double to three times profit by adding value to their produce. He told that according to the capacity, the cost of this machine ranges from Rs 20 thousand to Rs 1.5 lakh. Dixit told that farmers cultivating spices and vegetables are getting benefited by the use of this technology. 

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