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Know how beneficial is the cultivation of Statice Flower as demand increases continuously

What are the things to be kept in mind in the cultivation of Statice flower?


Statice Flower | When you have ever bought a bouquet in the market, you must have seen that along with other flowers, many small flowers of purple or blue color are used as fillers to decorate a bouquet. Whose stalk is long? Actually, these are Statice Flowers. Along with decorating the garden, they are also used for artificial decoration, because these flowers remain fresh for a long time.

Statice flowers have become very popular, in such a situation, statice flower farming can prove to be beneficial for the farmers.

Soil and Climate

Statice flowers can be grown in all types of soil. By the way, well-drained sandy loam soil is most suitable for this. By the way, it can also be easily grown in dry stony soil. The cool climate is suitable for a good yield of flowers. For good growth of plants, the day temperature should be 24, and the night temperature should be 16 degree Celsius.

Growing plants from seed

Statice flower plants can be grown from seed. Statice seeds are small in size. It needs to have a temperature of 13 to 18 degree Celsius to germinate. It takes 10-15 days for the seed to germinate. During this, less amount of nitrogen is added to the nursery. When the plants become 4-5 cm tall, they are taken out from the nursery and planted in the field. Apart from seeds, its plants can also be grown from cuttings.

The right time to Plant

Planting of statics is done at different times in different regions, such as August to September in plain areas and March to April in hilly areas. Statice plants should be planted at a distance of 30 cm.

Irrigation and Weed control

Its regular irrigation is necessary. Soil moisture is essential at all stages of growth and at the flowering stage. Otherwise, there is a negative effect on the growth and flowering of the plants. It is also necessary to do weeding 2-3 times for a good crop.

Manure and Fertilizers

A balanced quantity of manure and fertilizers is also necessary for good yield. For this, 10-15 days before transplanting, apply rotten cow dung manure at the rate of 5 kg/m in the field. For proper plant growth and more flowers, apply 1 kg of NPK per 100 square meters. Apply half dose of Nitrogen, and full dose of Phosphorus and Potassium in the field 3-4 days before transplanting. Apply the remaining nitrogen after one month.

Drying Flowers

The static flower is suitable for decorating flower gardens, rock gardens, pot plants, bouquets, etc. Along with this, its flowers are also used after drying. Its flowers are usually of blue and purple color, but now they are also found in yellow, white, pink, orange, etc. colors. The flowers can be dried and kept for a year or more. The flowers are cut with the long petiole down in a ventilated place or stacked in containers for 1-2 weeks before they are fully opened for drying. For this, a bunch of 10 sticks is made.

Disease and Pest Protection

For high yield and good quality produce, it is necessary to protect the plants from some diseases and pests.

Cutworm – Spray Endosulfon 0.05% on the plants to protect them from this insect affecting the plants at the ground level.

Aphids, Mites, Mealybugs, and Thrips – These insects suck the sap from leaves, tender shoots, and flower buds. Leaves and flowers get distorted by this. To prevent this use @0.03% dimethoate.

Damping off – This disease is found in nursery plants. Due to this, the plants die suddenly. For this, treat by heating water at 50°C for half an hour or use 0.1% Bavistin.

Anthracnose – In this disease, necrotic spots occur on the leaves, stems, and flowers. For its treatment take a spray of Bavistin @0.1% and DithenM-45 @0.2%.

Leaf spot – In this disease, spots appear on the leaves. Use Chlorothalonil 75% spray to control it.

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