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Vegetable Farming: Farmer of Himachal Pradesh made self-sufficient?

Also producing seeds and seedlings.


Good farming can be done even on rain-fed land by providing irrigation facilities. The best example is Bharat Bhushan, a farmer from Fagog village in the Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh. He used to grow cereals and oilseeds earlier, but seeing their low production, he turned to vegetable farming. In this, he got unprecedented success. He successfully grows vegetables on only 5 acres of rainfed land using irrigation sources like ponds and tube wells.

Modern technology in Vegetable Cultivation

Bharat Bhushan started vegetable farming in 2018. He is growing Cauliflower, Cabbage, Jimikand (Elephant Foot Yam), Cabbage, Beetroot, Okra, Capsicum, Cucumber, Onion, etc. Earlier, he was not aware of modern vegetable cultivation technology, and because of this, he did not get much profit. That’s why he attended a training program at Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Barthin, Himachal Pradesh, where he learned about modern vegetable production technology.

Vegetable Farming

Increased Production of Vegetables

Apart from advising them to adopt modern technology, the agricultural experts informed them about other facilities provided by the Himachal government. Only after this, he started using the seeds of improved varieties sponsored by the government and take advantage of irrigation facilities. As a result, their production increased twice as compared to last year.

Improved variety of Jimikand

Along with cauliflower and green leafy vegetables, he started cultivating Jimikand Palam-1, an improved variety of Jimikand, on five bighas of land. Along with growing seeds of commercial crops like Cucumber, Onion, and Cauliflower, he also produces seeds of Jimikand and other tuber crops. Last year, he produced 100 quintals of Jimikand Palam-1 variety seeds to meet the farmers’ demand in the Bilaspur district. He is providing seeds and quality planting material to the farmers of Himachal Pradesh.

Vegetable Farming
Image Credut: agrifarming

How much Profit?

Bharat Bhushan has earned a profit of around Rs.1,40,000 during Rabi season 2020-21. In Kharif, he earned around Rs.4,18,000 after adopting modern farming techniques. Not only this, the cultivation of Jimikand in a state like Himachal Pradesh also inspired the farmers to do something new. The seed and plant production done by Bharat Bhushan helped the farmers of the area to become self-sufficient. Seeing the success of Bharat Bhushan, other farmers of the area have also been inspired to cultivate vegetables and produce seeds, which has increased their income.

Vegetable Farming
Image Credit: ICAR

By producing their own seeds, farmers reduce the cost of cultivation. They do not have to depend on others for quality seeds. Since he himself produces the seed, its quality also remains good and production increases. Those farmers who are not getting good profit from grain production, they can do advanced cultivation of vegetables by taking the help of agricultural scientists and gathering information about modern techniques. Commercial vegetable farming is always profitable, as there is always a demand for vegetables in the market.

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