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Which Breeds Are Best for Backyard Poultry Farming?

There are many benefits of rearing backyard poultry farming along with farming. 


If we talk about poultry farming, then backyard poultry farming business is beneficial on many parameters. Backyard poultry farming business can also be started while doing farming. Head of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Mau in Uttar Pradesh and poultry expert Dr. L.C. Verma had an exclusive conversation with Kisan of India.

In today’s times, it becomes difficult for the farmers to make a living by relying on the declining agriculture and only one crop. Therefore, it is necessary that small and marginal farmers take up other agricultural activities like dairy, mushroom production, bee keeping, fish farming, sericulture and poultry farming. With this, the farmers will move towards self-employment as well as economic progress. If we talk about poultry farming, then backyard poultry farming business is beneficial on many parameters. Backyard poultry farming business can also be started while doing farming. Head of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Mau in Uttar Pradesh and poultry expert Dr. L.C. Verma spoke to Farmer of India in detail on Backyard Poultry Farming.

Backyard poultry farming : Better option for business in low cost 

Dr. L.C. Verma opines that poultry farming is a fast growing business in the country, which is very helpful in food security as well as economic progress. In view of the increasing demand for eggs and meat among the people, backyard poultry farming business is proving to be a better option for big earning and employment in less capital. With increasing population and declining employment, unemployed youth can take up agriculture and backyard poultry business. The main reason for this is the additional benefits this brings. This business can be started at a very low cost and there is also good profit in this.

Backyard Poultry Farming

Improved Breeds of Backyard Poultry

Poultry specialist Dr. L.C. Verma explains that if a farmer wants to start backyard poultry business for egg business then Kairi Priya and Kairi Sonali breeds are better.

In addition, Kadaknath and Kairi Devendra breeds are reared for both meat and eggs. Kairi Dhanraja, Kairi Vishal, Kairi Tropicana and Kairi Mrityunjay are the main chickens reared only for meat. Indigenous species like Aseel peela, Ankaleshwar, Srinidhi, Vanraja, Dhanraja, Kalahandi, Kalinga Brown, Punjab Brown are also considered better for backyard poultry farming business.

How much can it cost to start a backyard poultry farming business?

Backyard poultry farming business can be started at low cost in the vacant space behind the house or in the courtyard. With the help of locally available grain-water, chickens can be raised on a small scale without any special cost. Women can also make this business a means of additional income while doing household chores. If we talk about starting a backyard poultry business, then it can be started with 50 thousand rupees.

Dr. L.C. Verma told that a backyard poultry farm can be started with 20 to 30 chickens. Other than that, you don’t have to do much. Simply put lime mixed with wood sawdust on the surface inside the shed. This does not cause more problems than chicken beets.

backyard poultry farming
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Helps saving money on diet

The cost of grain is also not high for the chickens reared in the backyard. Feeding is reduced to half when reared in open, as they graze outside. They eat crop residue as food. These chickens also eat the pests on the crop. In this way, they not only get nutrients, but they also protect the crop from damage. If a chicken has to be fed, then 45-50 grams of feed is given to a hen daily.

Outbreak of disease is minimum, But vaccination is MUST  

Dr. L.C. Verma said that in order to succeed in any business, it is very important to overcome the problems associated with it. Poultry farmers also have to face the problem of disease in poultry farming. However, backyard chickens are less prone to diseases than broilers and layer chickens. Despite this, poultry farmers should be careful to get the chickens vaccinated on time for many diseases like Ranikhet, Gumboro, litchi disease, bloody dysentery disease and CRD.

Backyard Poultry Farming

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The price is 3-4 times as compared to broiler

Dr. L.C. Verma told – backyard chickens do not have to wait long to be ready. While indigenous chickens are ready in 7 to 8 months, these advanced breed backyard chickens grow up to one and a half kg within 4-5 months. Also, where broiler sells for Rs 60 to 70, other backyard or desi chicken are sold for Rs 300. If the farmer rears Kadaknath poultry, then the rooster is sold for Rs 700 to Rs 1000 per kg. In this way it is more profitable species than others.

How much income? 

Dr. Verma says that if a farmer rears Kadaknath poultry under the backyard poultry farm, then 60 to 80 eggs are reared annually. Its market price varies from Rs. 20 to Rs. 50 as per market rate. Accordingly, if the farmer prepares a farm with 150 chickens, then between five months to an year time, about two lakh rupees can be earned from eggs and the same amount can be earned by selling chicken. That is, you can earn up to Rs 4 lakh from this small farm.

backyard poultry farming
Image credit: ICAR

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