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World Dairy Summit 2022: PM Modi inaugurates World Dairy Conference, 44 percent increase in milk production

The real strength of the dairy sector in India is the small farmers. India's dairy sector is characterized by "production by masses" more than "mass production"


Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the World Dairy Summit in Greater Noida. This event is being organized in India after 48 years. First such conference was held in 1974. Many dairy businessmen from all over the world are participating in this conference. This event is being organized at Greater Noida’s India Expo Center and Mart, which will run from 12 to 15 September.

Small farmers are the strength of Indian dairy sector 

PM Modi, who arrived on the first day of the four-day conference, said that the real strength of the dairy sector in India is small farmers. These farmers have empowered India’s dairy. India’s dairy sector is characterized by ‘production by masses’ more than ‘mass production’. India today ranks first in the world in terms of milk production. This sector is providing employment to more than 8 crore families of India.

World Dairy Summit
Image Credit: Dr.L.Murugan\ Twitter

Cooperative and women make important contribution to dairy sector in India 

Referring to India’s Dairy Co-operative, which plays a key role in the dairy sector, PM Modi said that through this milk is collected twice a day from 2 crore farmers of 2 lakh villages and it is delivered to the customers. Meanwhile, there is no middleman. 70 percent of the income from milk goes to the farmer’s account. There has been an increase in the dairy sector system in India. Along with this, PM Modi also mentioned about women empowerment in the dairy sector. There is majority of women in the dairy cooperative sector. The participation of women is 70 percent.

World Dairy Summit
Image Credit: Dr.L.Murugan\ Twitter

Indigenous breeds of animals exist in India 

PM Modi further said that India has indigenous breeds of cows and buffaloes. PM Modi gave the example of bunny buffalo of Gujarat. Other cow and buffalo breeds were mentioned. Along with this PM Modi told about the specialty of bunny buffalo.

World Dairy Summit
Image Credit: Dr.L.Murugan\ Twitter

Increase in milk production

He further said that the business related to livestock and milk has been an integral part of thousands of years old culture of India. This legacy of ours has empowered the dairy sector of India with certain characteristics. Referring to milk production, PM said that since 2014, there has been an increase of 44 percent in milk production. Milk production in the world is growing at the rate of 2 percent and in India it is at 6 percent.

Growth of village and animals 

PM Modi further mentioned that we are moving towards towards green villages. He even mentioned some of the schemes like Rashtriya Gokul Mission, Govardhan Yojana etc. Along with this, he said that emphasis is also being laid on universal vaccination of animals in India. PM Modi said- 

“We have resolved that by 2025, we will vaccinate 100% of animals against Foot and Mouth Disease and Brucellosis. We are aiming to be completely free from these diseases by the end of this decade.”

India is building the largest database of dairies. Every animal associated with the dairy sector is being tagged. He further said that with the help of modern technology, biometric identification of animals is being done. 

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