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Zero Budget Natural Farming: These Natural Fertilizers and Pesticides improve Zero Budget Natural Farming

Important contribution of indigenous cow in making natural fertilizers


Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government are giving a lot of emphasis on zero budget natural farming to increase the fertilizer efficiency of the soil, crop production and farmers’ income. Keeping in mind the increasing mood of pure food, the demand for products made from natural farming is also increasing. According to Subhash Palekar, in Zero Budget Natural Farming, farmers do not need to spend on fertilizers and pesticides for crop production. Let us know about the fertilizers and pesticides used in natural farming.


Jeevamrut is a natural liquid fertilizer. It can be made with locally available ingredients at almost zero cost. It is made by mixing cow dung (as manure), cow urine and some other ingredients with some soils of the same area. It does not have any effect on soil and yield.

Micro-organisms multiply hundreds of times by using Jeevamrut. It works to increase the immunity of plants. This keeps the plants healthy and gives good crop yields. By producing more of Jeevamrut, farmers can make small units and earn extra income.

natural fertilizers
Image Credit: Jeevamrut: India Mart (Left), Beejamrut: Farmizen (Right)


Ghanjeevamrut is an effective dry natural fertilizer. It is made by mixing cow dung and cow urine. It does not contain any element that harms the crop. For its use, 100 kg of vermicompost per acre along with 20 kg of Ghanjeevamrut should be put in the field at the time of sowing. It can be used even after 3 days of watering the field.

Seed germination occurs in more quantity with Ghanjeevamrut. Its use increases both the brightness and taste of the crops. With its use, as soon as the moisture comes in the soil, the bacteria present are activated and the fertility of the soil increases manifold.

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Beejamrut is a natural solution used for seed treatment. This protects the roots of young plants from fungus and soil-borne diseases. It is made by mixing cow dung (as manure), cow urine and a few ingredients with some soil from the same area. Beejamrut is used at the time of planting seeds or seedlings. It helps in increasing the germination capacity of the seeds.

natural fertilizers
Image Credit: Krishak Jagat(Left), Neemastra: Reema’s Garden(Right)


Brahmastra is a natural pesticide. It is used for the control of pests in crops. It controls diseases as well. It is useful for the control of large caterpillars, sucking insects and a variety of pests. After making, it can be used for six months. Its use also increases the production of the crop.

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Neemastra is a natural insecticide. It can be made with locally available ingredients, at almost zero cost. It is prepared by mixing cow dung, cow urine, neem and other ingredients. It is used for the control of nymph-sucking insects and leaf miners. Enemy insects and moths do not come in the field due to its use.

Agni Astra 

Agni Astra is an effective insecticide. This stem is used for the control of insects, larva and caterpillars. It is made by mixing cow dung, cow urine, neem, garlic and other things. After making it, you can use it for three months. 

Dashparni Arka 

Dashparni Arka is an antibacterial and antifungal insecticide. It is used for the control of sap-sucking pests like Teela, Chepa etc. It strengthens the immunity of the plant. It is made by mixing neem, datura, cilantro, basil, cow dung and other ingredients. It can be used for six months after making.


The fungicide is used to control the enemy fungus (mildew). It is also used for the control of diseases along with the control of pests. It is used as a spray after keeping buttermilk for 2-3 days and then mix with water. It is a great anti-fungal and anti-viral remedy.

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