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Cinnamon cures every disease, Know about all its benefits

Cinnamon is used to cure many diseases.


If someone asks you what is cinnamon, you will say that it is a spice. But do you know that cinnamon, which is called a simple spice, has many qualities? In Ayurveda, it has been described as a medicine that is useful in the treatment of many diseases.

What is Cinnamon?

The only simple spice cinnamon bark is thinner, yellower, and more aromatic than bay tree bark. Its color is brown. On breaking its fruits, it smells like turpentine from the inside. When cinnamon leaves are rubbed, it smells very strong and this is very useful in curing many diseases.


By the way, it is said that consuming cinnamon cures digestive system problems, toothache, headaches, skin diseases, and menstrual problems. But these are only a few benefits. Many types of diseases can be cured by cinnamon.

Beneficial in Hiccups

People who always have the problem of hiccups, make a decoction of cinnamon and drink 10-20 ml of the decoction. You will get rest.

Beneficial to increase appetite

If you feel loss of appetite, grind 500 mg dry ginger powder, 500 mg cardamom, and 500 mg cinnamon. Taking it in the morning and evening before meals increases appetite.

Beneficial in preventing vomiting

Make a decoction of cinnamon and cloves. Drinking this will not cause vomiting.

Cures eye problems

Many times people complain that their eyes keep blinking. Applying cinnamon oil over the eyes i.e. on the eyelid will get rid of the problem. Along with this, the eyesight will also increase.

Beneficial in dental problems

Applying cinnamon oil on the teeth with cotton will give relief. Not only this, by grinding 5-6 leaves of cinnamon, the teeth become clean and shiny.

Headache relief

Make a paste by grinding 8-10 leaves of cinnamon. Now apply this paste to the forehead. After getting rest, wash and clean your head.

Gives relief in cold

Make a paste by grinding cinnamon in hot water. Now apply this paste on the chest and nose. This will give you relief.

Beneficial in cough too

People who are troubled by cough, take half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder with 2 teaspoons of honey in the morning and evening. This will cure cough.

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