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FarmTree App: Agri App eases difficulty of farmers

This FarmTree App gives information about 25 tree species.



FarmTree App has been developed by ICAR-Central Agroforestry Research Institute based in Jhansi. This app has 4+ rating on Google Play Store.

In order to facilitate the farmers, agricultural scientists of the country and many agricultural institutes keep launching the app. The purpose of these apps related to agriculture, is to give information to the farmers about the advanced techniques of agriculture and new methods of farming, sitting at home. In today’s time, the availability of smartphones and internet has reached from village to village.

Farmers get many information along with free services through these apps. Farmers are also using these apps to make farming easier. One such app is FarmTree. This app has been developed by Jhansi-based ICAR-Central Agroforestry Research Institute. This app has 4+ rating on Google Play Store. In this article, we will tell you all the information related to FarmTree App and about how to use the app.

Provides information about commercially grown trees 

FarmTree App gives complete information about 25 improved tree species like Teak, Bamboo, Sandalwood, Rakt Chandan, Mahogany, Sheesham, Ardu, Siris, Subabool, Acacia, Neem, Mahaneem, Anjan, Bhimal. If a farmer is cultivating these trees, or wants to do so, then he can get all the basic information from this app.

This app contains details of about 25 species of trees, suitable climate, nursery techniques, planting techniques, weed management, suitable agroforestry practices, tree Protection, Yield Potential, etc.


FarmTree app
Image Credit: ICAR-CAFRI

Learn from plant nurseries to disease-pest control 

Everything is well explained through pictures in the FarmTree App. It gives complete information about how plants can be prepared in nursery. Often farmers have the problem of weeds, which damages their crops. The app provides complete information about the management of weeds.

The different amount of manure and fertilizers required by different plants is also well explained in the app. Detailed information has also been given about weeding, harvesting, pruning, protection of crops from diseases and pests.


FarmTree App
Image Credit: ICAR-CAFRI

FarmTree App also tells about by-products 

Farmers can earn extra income by planting co-crops in the middle of the plant. Such information is also given in this app. Farmers also get information related to by-products in this app. Which by-products can be made from which crop, this app tells all that.

How to Download FarmTree App? 

You will find this app on Google Play Store under the name of FarmTree. FarmTree App is currently available in two languages ​​Hindi and English. Install it and choose your language. No need to register phone number while installing or otherwise. You can use it once installed. The numbers and mail ids of agricultural experts are given in this app. Farmers can directly contact them.

Farmers can ask their questions by uploading the picture

If you want to get information about any tree, then you go to the menu and click on the suggestion button. Here you also get the option of uploading a picture with your question. You can ask questions by uploading a photo and entering your email id.


FarmTree App
Image Credit: ICAR-CAFRI

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You can contact on these mail ids and numbers:

ICAR-Central Agroforestry Research Institute

Dr. A. Arunachalam, Director

Phone Number: 0510-2730214


Dr. A K Handa

Dr. Naresh Kumar

Dr. Vishnu R

Dr. Suresh Ramanan, S


Soil Science

Dr. Rajendra Prasad


Dr. Inder Dev


Dr. Asha Ram


Dr. Sushil Kumar


Plant Physiology

Dr. Badre Alam


Dr. Sukumar Taria


Genetics & Plant Breeding

Dr.K Rajarajan

Dr. Hridayesh Anuragi

Plant Pathology

Dr. M. Ashajyoti



Dr. Ashok Yadav


Agricultural Biotechnology

Dr. Alka Bharti


Dr. M. Ashajyoti


Agricultural Extension

Dr. R P Dwivedi


Agricultural Entomology Agricultural Entomology

Dr. Venkatesh Y.N.


Agricultural Economics

Dr. Priyanka Singh


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