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Nano fertilizers are a boon in cumin cultivation

Nano fertilizers give nutrition to the plants and at the same time it is suitable for the environment.


Nitrogen, Zinc and Copper are essential for the good growth of any crop. Nitrogen plays an important role in the growth and quality of the crop. Farmers also use urea for good yield. But chemical urea harms the environment. It pollutes the soil, while nano fertilizer or urea not only ensures good growth of crops. It also does not harm the environment in any way. These fertilizers are available in liquid form are easily absorbed by the plants.

IFFCO made nano fertilizer 

Indian Farmers Fertilizers Co-operative Limited (IFFCO) has indigenously developed Nano Urea, Nano Zinc and Nano Copper. With this, the cost of procuring fertilizers from abroad can be reduced manifold. Actually, India imports fertilizers at a higher cost from many countries, but now by making nano fertilizers in the country itself, money will be saved and the country will also become self-sufficient. Nano Urea contains 4.0% Nitrogen, Nano Zinc contains 1.0% total Zinc and Nano Copper contains 0.8% total Copper.

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How to use nano fertilizer? 

Shake the bottle well before using liquid urea. This can be used twice. First spraying should be done after 30 days of crop germination and second spraying should be done one week before flowering or earing. Keep Liquid Urea in a cool and dry place. Spray by mixing 2 ml urea in one litre of water. Spraying of Nano Zinc should be done after 30-35 days of germination or transplanting. While Nano Copper should be used one week before flowering. Spraying can also be done by mixing Nano Urea, Nano Zinc and Nano Copper. Being a liquid, urea is easily absorbed by the leaves.

Nano fertilizers
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Increase in cumin crop with Nano fertilizers 

A study conducted by IFFCO Company in several districts of Rajasthan in Rabi 2019-20 clearly showed that the use of Nano Urea resulted in a good increase in cumin crop. The company conducted this study in 6 districts of the state.

Cumin seeds were sown at the rate of 10-12 kg per hectare seed from last week of October to first week of December in 5 methods. In the experiment, nano urea (25000 ppm), nano zinc (5000 ppm) and nano copper (2000 ppm) were sprayed by making a solution of 4 ml per liter of water. The first spray was done three weeks after germination, the second spray two weeks after the first and then the next spray at 5 weeks after germination. In the fifth treatment, a third spray of copper was carried out two weeks after the second spray.

Nano fertilizers are a boon in cumin cultivation
Image Credit: ICAR

As a result, it was revealed that the profit obtained by spraying 1 Nano Urea, 1 Nano Zinc, 1 Nano Copper with half the dose of normal urea was Rs 7259 per hectare more than that obtained by using only normal urea.

Cumin is important spice 

Cumin is an important spice crop, which is in great demand and consumption in the country. That’s why cumin cultivation is beneficial for the farmers. With the use of nano urea, their profit from cumin cultivation will increase and the environment will not be harmed. Apart from this, one advantage of using liquid urea is that farmers are not afraid of getting any kind of infection, because it can be sprayed directly on the leaves without touching it by hand, it can also be sprayed with a drone. . While traditional urea was applied by the farmers to the plants by hand, due to which they are at risk of skin related diseases. Apart from this, the use of liquid urea also results in better crop quality. 

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