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Soybean Farming App: This app is of great use for farmers

Know how farmers can take advantage of Soybean Farming App for soybean cultivation



Soybean Farming App gives all the necessary information to the farmers cultivating soybean. In this app, information from tillage-sowing to harvesting and all the methods of taking care of the crops is available.

Soybean cultivation, popularly known as yellow gold, is considered a profitable deal. Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan are the largest producers of soybean in India. Apart from this, lakhs of farmers from other states are also associated with this oilseed crop, but sometimes due to bad weather and lack of proper knowledge of modern agricultural technology, farmers have to suffer heavy losses.

All information related to soybean cultivation in one place 

To overcome this problem of farmers cultivating soybean, Indian Soybean Research Institute has created a mobile app. Soybean Farming App is specially designed for the farmers doing soybean cultivation only. This app gives all the information related to soybean to the farmer, which is necessary for its cultivation.
In Soybean Farming App, information from tillage-sowing to harvesting and all the methods of taking care of the crop have been given. Through this app, farmers can get information about production technology and crop management, pest management, disease management, weed management, agricultural machinery etc.

soybean farming app

Information on protection from pests and diseases

Like other crops, soybean crop is also affected by pests and diseases. If they are not stopped on time, then the farmers have to suffer heavy losses. In such a situation, this app can help get rid of the problem of farmers because the measures for identification and prevention of diseases have been identified and explained in the app.

From the identification of diseases caused to soybean crop, how to recognize its symptoms in advance and what is its treatment, all this is available in Soybean Farming App.

soybean farming app

Helpful in increasing income 

The benefits of soybean have also been mentioned in this app. Soybean contains 40 percent protein and many more nutritious elements. So, there is a demand for it in the market in terms of health as well.

Many food items such as soy milk, soya cheese, soya flour, soybean salty, soybean toffee are made from soybeans. In such a situation, the farmer can earn manifold profits by directly joining the food processing. These benefits are also mentioned in Soybean Farming App.

soybean farming app

How to download app ? 

Farmers can easily download Soybean Farming App from Google Play Store. This app is available on play store under the name of Soybean Gyan. Not only this, you can also get information by calling the contact numbers given in the app.

What is the production of soybean in the country? 

Soybean production is estimated to exceed 12.89 million tonnes for the 2020-21 crop year, as against 11.22 million tonnes in the previous year. Madhya Pradesh is the largest producer of soybean in the country. It produces 45 percent of the country’s soybeans. Whereas Maharashtra stands second with 40 percent share.

Soybean prices suddenly increased 

Soybean prices have crossed Rs 10,000 per quintal this year at many places in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. The biggest reason for this is the impact on soybean crop yields due to rains this year. Because of this traders are bidding more than the minimum support price of Rs 3,880 in the market.


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