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Coconut Farming: Sunaina Soni of Andaman and Nicobar becomes a successful entrepreneur from coconut farming business

Coconut powder obtained from agribusiness is used in making sweets, biscuits, toffees etc.


Sunaina Soni, 36, is a resident of Dolly Gong area of ​​Port Blair in Andaman-Nicobar. Sensing the potential growing market for coconut powder, he chose it as a business. She along with her husband started several trials to make coconut powder. Her efforts were successful and now she has become a successful woman agricultural entrepreneur of her area.

Mass production started 

Coconut powder is used in almost every household to make some kind of dish or dessert. Its market continues to grow, due to which the profit potential is also increasing. Andaman and Nicobar women entrepreneur Sunaina and her husband Vimal Kumar worked on designing machines for making coconut sawdust. Her trial in 2010-11 was successful and now she has started producing coconut powder on a large scale. After this she built the factory and it took two more years to start its operation, after which the production of coconut powder completely started.

Production of 5 thousand kg coconut powder per day 

Sunaina had seen in the newspaper that the government was giving land to good entrepreneurs. She also applied for the same, but twice his application was rejected. Then in 2014-15 with the help of Director of Industries, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, he got a loan of 16 lakh. She first thought of taking 400 square meters of land, but with the help of the Industries Department, she was successful in getting 800 square meters of land for her project. She produces 5000 kg of coconut powder daily in her plant which is packed in bags and sent for marketing. Their products are sold in bulk in Kolkata, Tamil Nadu and some other bakeries.

 coconut Farming
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Satisfaction with success 

Sunaina has two daughters who study in Port Blair. She is the most successful entrepreneur in her area in the field of making coconut powder and this success gives her a sense of satisfaction. They take full care of the quality of the product in their plant so that it can compete with other products available in the market and products made in other countries.

Coconut Farming

Future plan

Considering that there is immense potential in the market for coconut products, she is planning to expand her venture. After coconut powder, she is now planning to produce virgin coconut oil, for which two machines have also been installed. Apart from this, she is also planning for packaging and standardization of coconut water as the demand for coconut water has increased a lot these days. Health-conscious people consume it daily. At the same time, to provide employment and livelihood opportunities to other coconut farmers of the area, they are being given small machines, which can be operated at home. Then she buys back the coconut powder prepared by her. This way the cottage industry will be helped to develop.

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