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Polyhouse Flower Farming Success: Ravi Sharma’s Rs 35 Lakh Annual Turnover Story

Know about flower cultivation in Polyhouse and what experts say about it


Ravi Sharma, a young and progressive farmer from Chail, Himachal Pradesh, recently spoke to Kisan of India about polyhouse flower farming. He has been doing flower cultivation and its business for many years. He previously worked for a documentary film production company. 

Ravi Sharma said that he initially started growing vegetables for a year. Then he returned to his village, Bangani, and began growing flowers. Sharma said that flower cultivation can generate a good income compared to traditional farming, which is why he chose flower cultivation. Sharma said that around 150 to 200 farmers in his surrounding area are working on flower cultivation. 

Suitable Flowers For Polyhouse Farming

In response to this question, Ravi Sharma said that in Polyhouse Flower Farming, they work on many flowers. They grow almost all cut flowers. They mainly work on carnations. In addition, they are cultivating many flowers such as daisy, gladiolus, ornamental kale, and limonium.

When To Cultivate Carnation Flower?

If someone wants to try something different from traditional farming, then carnation flower cultivation can be a good option. Ravi Sharma says that it is a profitable business that can be done even in a  small space.

Natural Method For Flower Cultivation

Ravi Sharma shared that when he moved to Himachal Pradesh after leaving his job, he did not have much knowledge about farming. He spent several years improving the soil. He thought of farming without using chemicals and pesticides. For this reason, he joined Padma Shri awardee farmer Subhash Palekar and received training in his camp.

Flower Cultivation In The Hilly & Plain Region

Ravi Sharma says that the biggest challenge in the hill region is the weather. As people have very little access to water. People also have to deal with landslides. It is very difficult to grow flowers without water. In the case of plain areas, flowers can be grown only during the time after the monsoon ends and before the summer arrives. Waterlogging in the field should be prevented. It is not possible to grow flowers for a long time in plain areas. One of the reasons for this is the change in the weather. Flowers can be grown by planting green nets in the summer.

Additional Tips For Growing Carnation Flowers

It takes 5 to 6 months for a carnation seed to become a flower. Farmers can adopt Subhash Palekar’s organic farming model to cultivate carnations. They can naturally enhance soil health by utilizing Pseudomonas and Trichoderma.

Investment Needed For Flower Cultivation

Carnation flower cultivation requires the setup of a polyhouse. A large investment is required to plant flower seeds and plants. The cost of a single carnation plant is currently Rs. 11. To avoid losses, small farmers should plant about 15,000 plants. In addition, an area of 800-900 square meters is required to set up a polyhouse.

Profit From Carnation Flower Cultivation

Ravi buys seeds and plants from other places. He gets carnation plants from Pune and Bengaluru. He imports seeds from Japan and the United States. His polyhouse covers an area of 4,500 square meters. His annual revenue is 30-35 lakh rupees.

Cultivation Of Carnation Flowers: Diseases & Treatment

Carnation flowers are prone to a variety of diseases, including collar rot, root rot, and Fusarium. There are a number of ways to prevent these diseases, including using natural farming methods or chemical fungicides.

To identify diseases, you should look for changes in the plants. These changes may be visible in the leaves, stems, or roots. In Fusarium, the leaves will wilt. In root rot, the stems will become weak and the leaves will wilt. In collar rot, the stems will remain healthy, but the upper parts of the plant will wilt.

This translation uses more natural and concise language while maintaining the accuracy of the original text. It also provides some additional information about how to identify diseases.

How To Find Suitable Buyers In Flower Business?

Ravi Sharma shared some key insights about finding a flower market. He said:

“The flowers we grow are sold at Gazipur Mandi in Delhi. If your flowers are of high quality, they can also be exported. After Delhi, flowers are sent to Mumbai and Hyderabad. It is important to research the market on a personal level. If small farmers can work together to sell their flowers to large markets, they can earn more profit. Farmers should first study the local market. We plan our planting by estimating the demand for flowers for the next 10 years.”

Important Points About Carnation Flowers:

  • Carnation flowers are decorative flowers.
  • These flowers are used most in decoration and bouquets.
  • In India, these flowers are mainly cultivated in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh.
  • It can be easily sold in local markets as well as foreign markets.
  • Carnation flowers are cultivated between October and November.

Flower Harvesting

When these flowers mature, they are cut using knives and scissors. The flowers need to be cut with caution. The better the quality of these flowers, the higher the demand and the better the price they fetch.

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