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Mango and Mahua orchards grown from turmeric cultivation

Yunus Khan's farm is called 'Model Farm', Year-on-year increase in income


How to increase income by using available resources, Yunus Khan, a resident of Umaria district of Madhya Pradesh has presented a great example of this in his area. Hailing from Devgaon, Yunus Khan is known for his mango, mahua and jackfruit plantations. He often used to research about ways to increase income from limited resources. Once he reached a farmer’s fair. There he came to know about the technique of taking the production of other crops under the trees. They had no idea that such farming could be done. In this connection, he again contacted Krishi Vigyan Kendra at Umaria in 2008-09.

Turmeric cultivation under trees 

Yunus Khan took training in mixed farming i.e. Mixed Cropping. After this, on the advice and guidance of agricultural scientists, he started cultivating turmeric under mango and mahua trees in his farm. He planted turmeric variety Suroma. The soil under the trees was rich in organic matter, suitable for turmeric cultivation.

 turmeric cultivation
Image Credit: jawaharlal nehru krishi vishwavidyalaya

Year-on-year increase in income 

With an investment of 11 thousand in the first year, he made a profit of about 78 thousand. Year after year his income kept increasing. He also reduced the cost of farming by recycling the farm waste. From land use to efficient use of water, vermicompost units and biogas units are the main attraction of their farming model.  

Model Farm 

Every year hundreds of farmers visit his farm to see his working model. He has also been awarded with many awards. His farm has also been declared a ‘Model Farm’ by the Commissioner of Shahdol. He has also received the award of ‘Best Farmer’ by the District Collector of Umaria.

हल्दी की खेती turmeric cultivation
Image Credit: jawaharlal nehru krishi vishwavidyalaya

Turmeric variety ‘Suroma’

Turmeric variety Suroma is ready in 250 days. It has a production capacity of about 20 tonnes per hectare. Of this, dry turmeric is 26.0 percent, oleoresin 13.1 percent, curcumin 9.3 and essential oil 4.4 percent. These curcumin and oils present in turmeric are helpful in reducing the symptoms of indigestion.

Soil and Climate 

Hot and humid areas with good rainfall are suitable for turmeric cultivation. Warm and moist climate is good at the time of crop development. A climate of 25-30°C is required at the time of knot formation. Loamy or black soil is good for its good yield. There should be good drainage system in turmeric cultivation. 

How to prepare the farm? 

Its lumps are formed inside the ground, so make the soil fine and flat by plowing twice with a soil-reversing plow and three to four times by desi plow or cultivator and by running a pat.

When to transplant? 

Transplanting of short duration varieties should be done in May, medium time varieties should be transplanted in June and long duration varieties should be transplanted in June-July.

Turmeric cultivation
Image Credit: icar

Turmeric Varieties 

Turmeric crop is ready in 7 to 10 months. The yield of turmeric depends on the variety and method of production. The average yield of turmeric is 250 to 300 quintals per hectare.

If you cultivate improved varieties of turmeric, then you get good profit from your crop. Sonia, Gautam, Rashmi, Suroma, Roma, Krishna, Guntur, Megha, Sukarna, Kasturi, Suvarna, Suroma and Sugna, Pant Pitambh are among the improved varieties of turmeric.

India is the largest producer of turmeric 

In India, turmeric is cultivated in Gujarat, Meghalaya, Maharashtra, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, West Bengal, Assam etc. If we talk about the price of dry turmeric, then its price in the market is 60 to 100 rupees per kg. 

India is the largest producer of turmeric in the world. India alone produces 80 per cent of the turmeric consumed worldwide. Turmeric is exported from India to countries like France, Japan, America, England, Germany, Netherlands, Arabia and Australia.

Benefits of Turmeric 

Turmeric is seen as a medicine. It proves helpful in increasing the immunity of the body. Nowadays turmeric is also used in many beauty products products. Turmeric has antiseptic and antibiotic properties. Turmeric is rich in calcium, iron, sodium, energy, protein, vitamin E, vitamin C, and fibre. 

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