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Vermicompost Business Plan changed this woman’s Life

Vermicomposting is the first need of organic farming. The Borjar village of Nalbari district in Assam sets a shining example.


Vermicompost is a better option than chemical fertilizers. It improves the nutritional value of the soil., yields better crop production, and intact the fertility of the soil. With the increase in organic farming, there’s a continuous increase in demand for vermicompost. Therefore, it is very beneficial to get started with a good Vermicompost Business Plan. Especially for those who lack money and resources. The cost of making vermicompost is very low and not much technical know-how is required. That’s the prime reason that Ms. Kanika Talukdar of Borjar village in Assam started the work of making vermicompost for livelihood. This enabled her to become an entrepreneur and earn lakhs of rupees in a few years.

Adopted vermicompost as an industry

After the death of her husband, Kanika, a resident of Borjar village in the Nalbari district of Assam, found it very difficult to bear the expenses of the house and her child. During such tough times, in 2014, she came in contact with Krishi Vigyan Kendra Nalbari. There she became a part of the training program. After learning the technology, she thought of adopting it as an enterprise. She understood that organic farming is the need of the hour and it is difficult to do without vermicompost and organic pesticides. Therefore she could foresee that the demand for vermicompost will increase further in the future. Also Read: Beekeeping can be started at a very low cost, the government is promoting it too

Help received from Krishi Vigyan Kendra

Initially, her financial condition was very bad. She had little money and could gather organic waste and cow dung easily. However, on the advice of experts to compensate for the lack of funds she built an affordable tank with the help of bamboo.

Not only this, Krishi Vigyan Kendra, and Nalbari also provided technical support by organizing a Front Line Demonstration (FLD) on ‘Vermicompost Production Technology’ in the area. The institute motivated villagers to pursue vermicompost production. It provided  1 kg of earthworms (Eisenia foetida species) and 4 vermi beds. However, in the first year, only 14 quintals of vermicompost were produced, earning them only Rs 16,300.

vermicompost business plan
Image Credits: Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare

Annual Profits Increased Gradually

In 2017, Kanika sold 200 quintiles of vermicompost and earned a profit of Rs 1,25,000. Gradually with an increase in production, her profits increased too. In 2018, she sold 500 quintals of vermicompost and earned a profit of Rs 3,25,000, and in 2019 there was a net profit of Rs 6,00,000 on making 1000 quintals of manure.

Vermicompost Business Plan – Branding of the Product

Taking her success to another level, Kanika comes up with an innovative vermicompost business plan which starts with branding the product as ‘Jai Vermicompost’. In Assam, along with the Nalbari district, there is an increase in demand for organic manure in other districts. Recently, she has also started production of Vermiwash organic pesticide. It was once difficult for Kanika Talukdar to manage her expenses, but today she is one of the successful women farmer entrepreneurs of Assam.

Kanika wants to expand her business further and plans to open 20 more vermicompost units in the next two years. She is the only woman vermicompost entrepreneur from Assam who is licensed to supply vermicompost from the state agriculture department.

Improved living standards

Her standard of living has changed a lot since she started producing vermicompost. Earlier, it was difficult for her to even think of sending her child to school, however, by creating an excellent vermicompost business plan and with improved economic conditions, she is able to provide a good education to her daughter. Many organizations have honored her for her success and are invited her to deliver motivational speeches.

Inspiration to Others

The success of Kanika Talukdar, and inspired many other women and unemployed people to produce vermicompost. Kanika too demonstrates the techniques and trains them to produce Vermicompost.

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