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Why is dairy business becoming a favourite business?

Dairy business : Telangana's Jyoti is called 'Dairy Woman', started dairy with a buffalo. And made a mark


Animal husbandry has been an old tradition along with agriculture. Now with the changing times animal husbandry has taken the form of a business. If proper management is done, farmers can earn good profit from dairy business. With the help of advanced techniques, today farmers are increasing their income manifold by reducing the labour cost and effort. With hard work and dedication, many farmers are writing success stories. Abboju Jyoti, a resident of Telangana, is one such woman farmer, who is today called a successful ‘Dairy Woman’ in her field.

Result of 10 years of hard work 

Abboju Jyoti, a resident of Warangal district of Telangana, has 2 acres of land. Jyoti started the dairy farm 10 years ago with just one buffalo. Due to her hard work and proper management, today she has become a successful dairy woman. Today she is earning 6 lakh rupees annually.

dairy business
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Use of techniques

Jyoti had bought a buffalo by taking a loan of Rs 50,000 from Mahila Sangam Sanstha. This buffalo used to give 6 liters of milk every day. After this he bought 2 more buffaloes as well as 7 cows. A shed was constructed for the animals to live. Also started production of jowar for green fodder for cattle. He also bought Chaff Cutter and Grading Mill Machine. Whose cost was around 20 thousand rupees. Along with dairy farm, she is also doing fish farming and poultry farming. She also makes cow dung gas from the waste collected from animal husbandry.

dairy business
Image Credit: agricoop

How much is the profit?

His annual expenditure on animal husbandry, poultry and fish farming is around Rs 2.5 lakh. He has also hired a man in the farm to take care of the animals. They get a profit of about four and a half lakhs annually.

Jyoti’s Achievements 

He has been awarded the Best Progressive Farmer award by All India Radio and National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC). Along with this, the Delhi DD Kisan Award has also been received. Seeing his success in the field of animal husbandry, other nearby farmers have also been inspired by him.

Keep these things in mind while starting dairy farming

  • Choose animals of good breed, which give more milk. More the milk, more will be your profit.
  • There should be proper arrangement for the living of animals and it is necessary to keep their living place clean.
  • Fodder should also be managed properly. The quantity and quality of milk also depends on the nutritional value of the fodder. There is a need to give more green fodder.
  • It is important for animals to get vaccinated and get proper care if they fall ill.
  • Apart from selling milk, you can also market it by making many products from milk, such as curd, ghee, paneer, sweets etc.
  • If the farmer sees dairy farming as a business, then he can earn a good income from it. The government has also been promoting animal husbandry across the country. Many subsidy schemes are working to promote dairy farming. Farmers can take advantage of these schemes by visiting their nearest NABARD office and getting information related to the schemes.

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Dairy farming can prove to be a profitable deal if the farmer does it using a little modern technology instead of doing it in a completely traditional way, and run it like a business. 

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