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Onion Processing: Along with Onion Cultivation, its Processing will Increase the Income of Farmers

Dehydrated onion and onion powder will remove the problem


Onion farming and processing | Food in common Indian homes is incomplete without onions. Onions are especially essential in gravy vegetables. But there are a few months every year when the price of onions spoils the kitchen budget. In fact, due to the lack of proper arrangements for storing onions, a large amount of its crop gets spoiled every year, and the farmers suffer huge losses. The general public also has to pay a very high price for onions. To overcome this problem and earn profit throughout the year, farmers can do onion processing. By making dehydrated onion and onion powder, surplus onion can be saved from spoilage, and its supply can be ensured throughout the year. For this, the farmers must know about new technology.

Onion Processing
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Stays Safe for a Long

The onion crop usually gets spoiled in the rainy season. This causes huge losses to the farmers. Raw onion cannot be stored for long, as it spoils when it comes in contact with water, moisture, etc. In such a situation, dehydrated onion is a good option for farmers. In this, onion slices are cut, and all the water is separated from them with a special machine. About 8 kg of raw onions makes 1 kg of dehydrated onion. Its demand is in the processing industry, hotel-restaurant, etc. It is also in good demand in foreign countries. Dehydrated onion is not very popular in our country. While this is a good way to ensure the availability of onions throughout the year. Keeping dehydrated onions in water for 10 minutes before use softens them and can be used in any dish.

Onion Dehydration Technique

The Division of Food Science and Post-harvest Technology, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, has developed a technology to make onions available to farmers throughout the year at a low cost and high profits. Under this technology, a bountiful crop of onions can be preserved for a long time by converting them into dehydrated slices and powder. With the help of this technique, onions can be stored for 6 months at normal temperatures and up to a year at low temperatures.

Onion Processing
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Onion Powder

The value-added product of onion also includes making onion powder. It is made by grinding dehydrated onion slices. It can be easily used in various products, such as pizza, vegetable gravy, etc. Its demand is increasing in hotels. It weighs less, making it easier to store and transport, and costing less.

India ranks second in the world in terms of onion production, but due to the early spoilage of its crop, there is often a shortage of onions. Farmers also have to suffer due to this. In such a situation, the technique of value addition of onion is no less than a boon for the farmers.

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