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Agricultural scientists have invented a new wheat variety

Irrigation will give three times yield


Every day new research is coming out in agriculture. The scientists of the country are doing research on the seeds of crops. Recently, research came to the fore regarding new varieties of sugarcane. Such a variety of sugarcane was developed in the research, from which farmers can get about 55 tonnes of sugarcane in one acre of land. Now the scientists of Chhattisgarh have developed one such new species of wheat. Agricultural scientists were trying for a long time to develop this variety of wheat. Now scientists have got success.

What is the name and characteristics? 

The new variety of wheat invented by agricultural scientists has been named Vidya CG 1036. Agricultural scientists claim that the rotis made from its flour will remain soft for a long time and will be full of nutrients. The flour that will be made from this wheat will be able to absorb more water. Due to the absorption of more water by the flour, the rotis made from it become more puffy. According to scientists, the rotis will remain soft for 10 to 12 hours even after cooling.

wheat variety
Image Credit: Sawabar

In which area this variety can be grown ? 

The All India Coordinated Wheat and Barley Research Center of the Central Government has considered the new variety of wheat useful for Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Kota of Rajasthan, Udaipur and Jhansi division of Uttar Pradesh. Crop production will be better in these areas. With this farmers will be able to get good yield.

Blackness will not come after kneading the dough 

This newly developed variety of wheat Vidya CG 1036 has also been notified by the Central Government. This variety has been found to be 8.5/10 in Chapati Quality Index in testing. This is the highest among all the wheat varieties in the country. According to the agricultural scientists who did the research, when the flour is kneaded and kept for some time, it turns black. The phenol content is low in this new species. Therefore, blackening will not come after kneading in this new variety of wheat.

wheat variety
Image Credit: News Track

Less irrigation required 

Let us tell you that the species which are present now require irrigation 5 to 6 times, but the new species require less irrigation. Normally wheat crop requires six irrigations, but this variety will give good yield even in three irrigations. 

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