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Agriculture Drone: Reduces cost of farming and much more

Agriculture drone reduces the cost of farming by up to 25 percent.


The only way to double the income of farmers is to reduce the cost by facilitating their access to new technology. In order to get more production and reduce the cost, companies are constantly making new agricultural equipments. Wow Go Green Company has also prepared a special Agriculture dronesfor the benefit of the farmers.

Agriculture drone i.e. the drone used in agriculture is like a boon for technology-linked farmers. Spraying the drug in the fields take more time and more cost. With the help of drones, not only will it save time, but the cost will also come down by up to 25%. One such agriculture drone has been made by Wow Go Green company. Dr. Shankar Goenka, Managing Director of this company told in a special conversation with Arpit Dubey, correspondent of Kisan of India, how this drone can be beneficial for small and marginal farmers.

Agriculture drone
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Agriculture Drone specially designed for spraying medicine 

Dr. Shankar Goenka, Managing Director of Wow Go Green Company, says that his company has specially made drones for spraying crops. Fill 10 litres of water and medicines in it and it flies over the field and sprays one acre of field in 5 to 7 minutes.

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Benefits of Agriculture Drone 

Dr. Goenka also told that the cost of farming is reduced with the help of agriculture drones, as it requires 25 percent less medicine in comparison to the normal method. This directly benefits the farmers. Apart from this, the leaves are also cleaned, due to which photosynthesis is good. As a result, the plant absorbs sunlight better and the plant’s productivity increases by 12 to 15 percent.

Agriculture Drone
Image Credit: ICAR

How to double farmers income? 

Dr. Goenka says that the Prime Minister of the country also repeatedly talks about doubling the income of farmers. Now the prices of crops will not double, so to increase the income, there is need to reduce the input cost and increase the output i.e. production and proper use of technology. His company has done drone demonstrations at 200 places. They claim that it has been made foolproof, and has all the radar and features.

Apart from this, it also has a huge model of entrepreneurship i.e. self-employment. The farmer goes to the village with a drone, takes its training and when he learns well, when he sprays it in the fields of others, he charges 200 to 500 rupees. He says that the farmer can also earn a good amount of money annually. This is the reason that to promote the use of drones in agriculture, the government is also giving subsidy along with bringing many new schemes.

Nano Liquid Urea is used in agriculture drones.

IFFCO, the largest company that makes 45 kg of urea sack fertilizer, got 500 bottles, which is very beneficial for the farmers. This will save their transportation cost. Generally in crops, urea is sprayed on 70 percent of the plants from above and 30 percent from below. That is why when it is sprayed by drone, the plant is healthy, the right amount of urea is available and the production is high.

agriculture drone

Beneficial for farmers’ health 

Dr. Goenka says that this technique is also related to social concerns and is also beneficial for the health of the farmers. He says that every year in India, about 58,000 farmers die from snake bites alone. Apart from this, 3.5 to 4 lakh people also suffer from other health problems due to direct spraying of chemicals. They will not come in direct contact with the chemical when sprayed from the drone. Apart from this, the drone will keep the youth connected with the village and will also give them an opportunity to become entrepreneurs.


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