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Cumin Varieties: Know about the improved varieties of cumin, for which farmers can earn more profit by growing them

Dry and cool weather is suitable for cumin cultivation


Cumin is an important spice crop, without which the kitchen is incomplete. Cumin is used in all types of vegetables, so there is always a demand for it. In such a situation, farmers can increase their income by cultivating improved varieties of cumin.

Vegetable is incomplete without a splash of cumin. In India, 80 percent of cumin is cultivated only in Gujarat and Rajasthan. It is a plant of Parsley family, whose length is 20-30 cm. Its stem has many branches. Cumin, which enhances the taste of lentils, vegetables, buttermilk, curd, is also very beneficial for health. Anti-oxidants are found in it. It is also a good source of elements like fibre, iron, copper, calcium, potassium, manganese, zinc and magnesium. In Ayurveda, cumin has been described as beneficial for health. The demand for cumin remains the same throughout the year. In such a situation, farmers can earn good income by growing improved varieties of cumin. We are telling you about the improved varieties of cumin in this article.

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Improved varieties of cumin 

CZC-94: This variety matures in 90 to 100 days. CZC-94 variety also requires less irrigation as it takes less time to prepare. The new variety CZC-94 matures quickly, so the spray of insecticides has to be reduced. In the new variety, insecticides has to be sprayed only 2 to 3 times.

RZ-19: This variety of cumin, which is ready to ripen in 120-125 days, is less prone to diseases like Ukhta, butterfly and scorching. Talking about its yield, 9 to 11 quintals of crop is obtained per hectare. The grains of this variety are attractive and brown in colour. This variety is suitable for all areas of Rajasthan.

RZ-209: Grains of this variety are large and dark brown. It also gets ready in 120-125 days. Up to 7-8 quintals crop is obtained per hectare. In comparison to RZ-19, the incidence of blister and scorch disease is less on it.

GC-4: The seeds of this type of cumin are attractive, in shape and large. This variety matures in 105 to 110 days. Gives yield of 7-9 quintals per hectare. This variety is susceptible to Ukhta disease.

RZ-223: The grains of this variety are attractive and long. Its plant has more branches and more umbels. This variety matures in 110-115 days and gives a yield of 6-8 quintals per hectare. The oil content in its seeds is 3.25%. Ukhta disease is not affected by this variety.


Important things for cumin cultivation 

The yield of cumin is good in light and loamy soil. The field should be well prepared before sowing. Along with plowing the field, weeds should also be removed and cleaned. As far as sowing is concerned, it is done from mid-november to the end of the month. Before sowing cumin seeds should be treated so that good quality crop is obtained. For sowing cumin seeds, the seeds are sprinkled by making beds in the field. Then it is mixed in the soil so that the soil layer remains on the seed.

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Dry and cool weather is suitable for cumin cultivation. For its good cultivation, the temperature should not be more than 30 ° C and less than 10 ° C, otherwise the germination of cumin will not be done properly.

Irrigation by sprinkler method is good in cumin field, but keep in mind that do not irrigate cumin crop when the grain is ripen, otherwise the seeds become light. Also, to save the crop from the outbreak of diseases, do not plant cumin seeds next year in the field where cumin was sown last year. 

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