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Dairy Business: Haryana’s Satyaprakash runs a 3-storey dairy farm, built his own milk market

Many by-products are made from milk, produces 2600 litres of milk


Many farmers do farming and animal husbandry together, but Haryana farmer Satyaprakash is doing something different. Not only does he run a dairy farm, but he is also running a sports school along with dairy. Satyaprakash, a successful cattle rancher in his area, shared information about his unique dairy farm and school with Arpit Dubey, former correspondent of Kisan of India. Along with this, he also gave special advice for those interested in dairy business.

Dairy Business

How to start dairy business? 

Farmer Satyaprakash, a resident of Kharkhoda village in Sonipat district of Haryana, says that in the year 2000, he opened a sports school in the name of his father. Later in 2003, he opened a hostel in the premises. When the hostel opened, they used to buy milk for the children, but its quality was not good. Then he and his family decided to open a dairy to meet the milk needs of the children. According to Satyaprakash, he already had 4 to 5 cows and 2 to 3 buffaloes. From these the milk requirement of the house was fulfilled. Then he started the dairy business by buying 15 buffaloes.  

When the business grew, a 3-storey dairy was made 

As the number of animals increased, then he started feeling space cruch. Satyaprakash made a dairy on the upper floor as well. He paid special attention to the structure of the dairy.

Initiatives for saving water 

Satyaprakash has also made arrangements for saving water. He told that after bathing the animals and cleaning the dairy, the dirty water is collected at one place, which he uses for irrigation in the field. This water is good for the fields. When this water is used for irrigation, there is no need to add urea and DAP.

Dairy Business

Use of cow dung

Satyaprakash explains that he sells some dung to the neighbours, some is used to make manure, some more is used in earthworm farm and some cow dung is used in agriculture.  

Different varieties of Cows and Buffaloes 

Satyaprakash says that most of the buffaloes he has are of Murrah breed. This breed gives more milk, so it is beneficial for the cattle owners. As far as cow is concerned, they have many other breeds like Sahiwal, Jersey. They also have mixed breed cows.

Dairy Business

Do not sell milk in the market 

Satyaprakash does not sell milk outside. He says that before the lockdown, 3000 litres of milk was produced. The milk that is left after use in hostel, they use it to make other products like ghee, curd, butter, barfi, peda, sweets like rasgulla, etc. When the hostels were closed due to Corona, they had to sell some animals, because the consumption of milk had also reduced. As of today, 2600 litres of milk is being produced in his dairy. 

Green fodder has to be arranged 6 months in advance 

In order to increase milk production, it is necessary to feed green fodder to the animals. Satyaprakash says that about 100 quintals of green fodder is consumed in his dairy. For fodder, they have to plan 6 months in advance how much jowar, oats, maize etc. will be needed.

Satyaprakash’s advice 

Those who want to open their own dairy farm or want to grow dairy business, they should first work in their own dairy. Maintain proper care and cleanliness of animals. A machine can be used to extract milk. 

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