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Farming Equipment: How does the Cultirovator save Time, Diesel and Money?

Makes the soil friable from the inside.


Cultirovator | Scientists and companies are always engaged in creating new agricultural equipment to make the work of farmers easier and reduce costs. One such company is NavDurga Agri Implements Pvt Ltd, a manufacturing company that manufactures agricultural implements. They say that the main focus of the company is on innovation, and cultirovator is one such innovative product.

To know the specialty of this machine (Cultirovator) and how beneficial it is for the farmers, Sarvesh Bundeli, correspondent of Kisan of India, spoke to Vijay Prakash of Nav Durga Agri Implements.

Specialties of Cultirovator Machine

Vijay Prakash says that Cultirovator does the work of two machines simultaneously. It saves both the farmers’ costs and time. With this machine, the field gets ready for sowing in one go. The size of the Cultirovator ranges from 5 to 9 feet and can be operated with a tractor. It can be attached to tractors ranging from 40 to 50 HP.

The power required by the tractor depends on the soil. If the soil is black, then a 50 HP (50 HP) tractor will be required to run it, but if the soil is soft, it can also be pulled by a 40 HP (40 HP) tractor.


Beneficial to the Environment and Farmers

Vijay Prakash says that his machine benefits both the environment and the farmer. This machine not only pulverizes the soil from above but, after 4-5 inches, coarsely pulverizes the soil from 2 to 10 inches, i.e., breaks the lumps of soil. Due to this, the soil absorbs the water inside, and moisture remains there. This helps earthworms to thrive. Also, due to the moisture retention inside, less water has to be used. Hence the cost of water is also less.

In this way, it is beneficial for the environment. Also, since this single machine does the same work as two machines, it saves farmers time, diesel, and money – profits increase by reducing costs.


How is it different from Rotavator?

Rotavator usually makes the soil loose up to 4-5 inches. But it hardens the soil below it, due to which the soil stops absorbing water. Its disadvantage is that without moisture the earthworms that make organic manure die. Unlike the rotavator, the Cultirovator retains the soil moisture deep inside.

To make profit from farming, it is necessary that the farmers have agricultural equipment which saves both time and money. Most of the farmers have to bear the loss in farming due to more time and cost. There are many agricultural equipment available in the market. Keeping in mind the budget of farmers, one should first collect information about those equipment, then buy them. If you want to buy Cultirovator of NavDurga Agri Implements Pvt Ltd, you can buy it by visiting their website

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