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Fertilizers: Know, how to identify and check real and fake manure?

Be sure to learn how to test for Urea, DAP and Super Phosphate avoid falling into the trap of cheap products


In agriculture, farmers have to invest the most on chemical fertilizers or manure. The cost of fertilizer is the highest compared to tillage, seed and irrigation. Even though efforts are being made to promote organic farming in the country, but the fact cannot be denied that there is not enough availability of organic fertilizers in the country so that farmers can do full farming due to this only.

That is why farmers have to apply chemical fertilizers like DAP, Zinc Sulphate, Urea and MOP to the fields every year to get good yield. For this reason the demand for chemical fertilizers is always there. The adulterers take advantage of this aspect and make a big deal to the farmers by selling spurious or substandard manure. There are two main avenues for the farmers to avoid such fraud and forgery.

Avoid the trap of cheap 

First, buy chemical fertilizers only from recognized shopkeepers or cooperative shops. Second, if for any reason there is a chance to buy fertilizers from the open market, then learn to check whether the fertilizer is real or fake and tell as many farmers about it as possible. Remember that only intelligence and knowledge can save you from being deceived. If for any reason the shopkeeper offers you more cheap goods, then you should be very careful because while selling fake or adulterated fertilizers, the trick is played by the shopkeepers to give cheap or very cheap goods to the farmers or sell fertilizers on credit. That is why the greed of cheap products should be avoided.

Boycott selling fake fertilizers 

Another thing can also be very useful for the farmers that if the goods of any shop turn out to be fake or substandard, then tell as many farmers as possible about it. Because the most easy punishment for such shopkeepers who are dishonest is that neither you nor nor others should be trapped in their clutches. The real and practical treatment of a shopkeeper selling counterfeit goods is to boycott him. Don’t even go near such shop. 

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How to test urea? 

According to agricultural experts, urea is used extensively to increase the fertility of the fields and disease resistance of the soil. The possibility of urea being counterfeit and adulterated is also high. That is why while buying urea, farmers should first check whether its grains are white, shiny and uniformly round? The second test should be done for its solubility. If urea is real, it will dissolve easily in water and there will be a slight coolness on touching the solution. 

For the third type of test, urea granules should be put on a hot pan. If it starts melting as soon as it falls on the pan and when the flame is high, there is no residue left on the pan, then understand that urea is real. But if the grains swell after heating on a low flame, then it should be assumed that urea is fake or adulterated.

How to check the correctness of the DAP? 

After urea in chemical fertilizers, the fertilizer that farmers use the most is DAP i.e. Di-ammonium phosphate. After urea, the most chemical fertilizer used in crops is DAP. The grains of DAP are hard, brown, black and almond in colour. Rubbing some of its grains on the palm like a khaini gives out a very pungent odour, which is helpless to smell. Under the second test method, if the granules of DAP are put on a slow-heating pan, then the granules of the original DAP swell.

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How to Test for Genuine Super Phosphate? 

The use of super phosphate is also very high in fields and crops. Its grains are hard, grainy, brownish-black and almond in colour. It does not break when you break it with nails. Superphosphate is a powder or a powder-like form. If it is real that by heating it on the pan, its grains do not swell. This means that if the grains of super phosphate swell on heating, then understand that you have been cheated by the shopkeeper. 

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