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From the cost of pearl farming to the preparation of oysters

cost of pearl farming to the preparation of oysters


Santosh Kumar says that you can start pearl farming while doing any other work. Whether you are already doing a job, in the dairy business or working in any other field.

Santosh Kumar Singh is inspiring people to join agriculture sector. He claims that there is no such area related to agriculture, which he is not aware of. He selflessly gives information about plantation, poultry, fish farming, dairy farming, pearl farming, maintenance of plants, everything to the people. He has also served as a Technology Manager in the Agriculture Department of Uttar Pradesh. In a special conversation with Kisan of India, he told that agriculture is a sector which has many possibilities. One of these is Pearl Farming. Santosh Kumar Singh shared every important information related to pearl farming for our readers. In this article, we will tell you about the cultivation of pearls.

How did you step into farming? 

Santosh Kumar Singh, a resident of Tarem village in Ambedkar Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh could not continue his studies after 12th due to financial constraints. He had an inclination in farming from beginning, so he got engaged in this field. After a few years, he took degree of B.Sc, MSc in agriculture. Santosh Kumar Singh says that he chose agriculture instead of doing a job. The reason for this was to develop the farmers of their area and increase their income.

pearl farming
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Beautified the ruined gardens, work done on water conservation 

Santosh Kumar Singh is an accomplished Agripreneur under the Agri Clinic and Agri Business Center (AC&ABC) scheme. With financial assistance of five lakh from Bank of Baroda, he started Farmer Training Centre ‘Kisan Vidyalaya’. He found that many acres of land in his area was becoming barren. The old gardens are falling apart. For this, he launched an awareness campaign to make the garden green again. He planted about 2.5 lakh trees under contract farming in eight to 10 districts. Santosh Kumar Singh is also fondly called by the name of ‘Paudhewala Baba‘.

He inspired the farmers to cultivate many fruits like mango, lemon and plum. Apart from this, he also worked on water conservation schemes to overcome the problem of water for irrigation. At many places, ponds should be made in the field itself, so that rain water can be collected. This solved the water problem of the farmers. Ground water level improved. The convenience of the farm pond is that when irrigation is to be done, there is no need to search for water. Crops get irrigated on time.

Santosh Kumar told that he has a team of 23 skilled and professional people in ‘Kisan Vidyalaya’. With their cooperation, people are informed about the nuances of farming and the information related to it. People contact him directly and he gives consultancy to people for free. Today more than 40 thousand farmers of his own district Ambedkar Nagar are associated with him. 5 to 7 thousand farmers of Deoria and Azamgarh also keep in constant touch with him.

pearl farming

Pearl farming is a big sector in itself 

Regarding the cultivation of pearls, Santosh Kumar Singh says that it has a very good scope. There was a time when he also came under the grip of serious illness. His pancreas deteriorated. and reached the stage of cancer. At that time an expenditure of 30 to 32 lakhs was expected. Santosh Singh tells that if he had not been associated with pearl farming, then it was not possible for him to bear such expenses.

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How is pearl farming done? Know the tips from Santosh Kumar Singh 

Santosh Kumar told that if you are making a pit of 10 by 10, then 1000 to 1200 oysters can be kept in it. You can also raise 200 fish as a second crop. The crop of pearl farming becomes ready in 18 months. Pearl is cultivated in fresh water. If 1200 oysters are well taken care of in 18 months, then at least 2.5 lakhs per month will come directly in your pocket. Also, you can get additional income by selling fish in the local market.

pearl farming

How much is the cost? 

Santosh Kumar Singh explains that if one has collected oysters from a river, then the cost of preparing one oyster comes around 20 rupees. If you are bringing oysters from somewhere, then this cost becomes 60 rupees. That is, the cost of making 1200 pearls will be around 72 thousand rupees.

How to prepare oysters? 

Put the oysters outside in 6 inches of water for 10 hours. After exposure to sunlight and wind, the upper shell and muscles of the oyster become loose. After the muscles are loose, do oyster surgery and put the mould inside the oyster. When this mould pricks an oyster, it releases a fluid, which is called Necker. As the oyster keeps coming out of the oyster, the oyster gets frozen i.e. it becomes hard. Then the pearl gets ready in 12 to 18 months. Raw pearl is made in 12 months, then the same pearl becomes hard in 18 months.

pearl farming

For how much are pearls sold in the market? 

Santosh Kumar Singh says that there is no such bank in the world, which can quadruple your money in 18 months. This is possible in pearl farming. Even a simple pearl does not sell in the market for less than Rs 200. The cost of designer pearls also reaches around Rs 5000. At the same time, the cost of Nucleus pearls go up to about Rs 2 crore.

pearl farming
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Once you settle in pearl farming, then profit is no limit 

Santosh Kumar says that you can start pearl farming while doing any other work. Whether you are already doing a job, in dairy business or working in any field. Santosh Kumar claims that pearl farming is such a sector that once you get settled in it, you will not do any other work.

Santosh Kumar Singh says that farming is not a loss-making deal, provided there should be hard work and passion. Serve trees and plants, take care of cows. Adopt agriculture, don’t run away from it. If you work hard, you will definitely get money. You can earn lakhs of rupees per month from 2500 square feet area.

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He is honoured with many awards 

Appreciating his contribution in the field of farming, Santosh Kumar Singh was honoured with the second award for Best Agripreneur of Uttar Pradesh, third award in the hemp production sector in the state and also at a national program organized in Hyderabad.

मोती की खेती संतोष कुमार सिंह (pearl farming santosh kumar singh)मोती की खेती संतोष कुमार सिंह (pearl farming santosh kumar singh)


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