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Ginger Cultivation: Such a different technique she adopted in cultivation of ginger, today she is called ‘Ginger Woman’

Scientific cultivation of ginger will yield more profit at less cost


Ginger, rich in medicinal properties, is used in every home and in every season, that is, its demand remains throughout the year. In Indian homes, tea and vegetables are not made without ginger. Not only this, eating ginger is very beneficial in case of cold and cough. Since the demand for ginger is always there, the cultivation of ginger is a profitable deal. Especially if farmers do its scientific farming and choose improved varieties, then the profits will be many times more as Omana Kaithakkullath of Kerala is doing.

She got the title of ‘Ginger Woman’ 

Omana Kaithakkullath hails from Chemponoda village in Calicut district of Kerala. Due to her special interest in the cultivation of ginger, she started its cultivation. But instead of traditional farming, she decided to do its scientific farming. Omana started cultivating ginger with technical support provided from the ICAR-Krishi Vigyan Kendra at Peruvanamuzhi. 

Omana grows ginger in jute bags through organic farming. For this he chose barren land. Due to the successful cultivation of ginger on the barren land, she is called ‘Ginger Woman’ by the people of the area.

Omanas spread jute sacks on the ground and spread it over an area of ​​2.5 cents (a unit of ground measurement). Coir-peeth prepares seedlings using cut rhizomes weighing 5gm each containing one seedling in a tray filled with dry cow dung and Trichoderma. In addition, adequate sunlight, irrigation and timely fertilization are essential for a good ginger crop.

 ginger cultivation
Image Credit: ICAR

IISR Varda is an improved variety of ginger 

Omana planted an improved variety IISR Varda in 300 bags in May 2015 and harvested it in the last week of January 2016. Obtained 108 kg fresh ginger crop from 4 kg planting material. She was fully supported by the scientists of Krishi Vigyan Kendra in field level training, periodic visits, good quality planting material and marketing.

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Features of IISR Varda 

This variety of ginger is high yielding as well as of good quality. There is also less chance of damage by insects in storage of dried ginger. According to farmers, it is tolerant to diseases with high fibre content.

ginger cultivation
Image Credit: ICAR-Indian Institute of Spices Research

Manufactures many products 

Along with ginger cultivation, she cultivates various intercrops including black pepper, many fruits. She is also raising ornamental fishes, earthworms and birds. Along with farming, she is increasing her income through value added products. “Nutmeg Peel Candy”, “Garcinia Peel Paste” and “Dry Ginger” are their new and successful value added spice products. Now she is also giving training to fellow farmers at Krishi Vigyan Kendra.

 ginger cultivation
Image Credit: ICAR


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