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How to protect dairy animals from deadly diseases?

Get treatment at the right time and take care of dairy animals from deadly diseases, big losses can be avoided


Kisan of India spoke to Dr. Laxman Singh Baghel, Veterinary Doctor and Animal Husbandry Specialist of the Animal Husbandry Department, Bisrakh district, Gautam Buddha Nagar, about the serious diseases caused to dairy animals.

Dairy farmers face many problems. The biggest problem are the diseases of dairy animals, which prove to be fatal. This causes great loss to the farmers. During the rainy season, milch animals fall prey to many diseases. Animals can be saved by vaccination at the right time. Kisan of India spoke to Dr. Laxman Singh Baghel, Veterinary Doctor and Animal Husbandry Specialist of the Animal Husbandry Department, Bisrakh district, Gautam Buddha Nagar, about the serious diseases caused to dairy animals. Let us know about the identification and vaccination of the diseases and their symptoms in milch animals.

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Vaccination is necessary

Dr. Laxman Singh Baghel explains that there are some diseases of dairy animals, which are treatable, but during treatment there is huge decline in milk production or the efficiency of the animal is greatly reduced. All these cause financial loss to the livestock owners.

Vaccination is the only way to prevent different diseases. By this your animals will not be in the grip of such diseases. Which animals should be vaccinated? There should not be any confusion about this, because vaccination of dairy animals of all ages is necessary. In fact, vaccination increases the immunity of animals to fight against that disease. Due to this the animals do not get sick easily. The disease does not prove fatal to them. In this, it is necessary to get vaccinated for different diseases, depending on the season, 6 months or a year.

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Vaccination is the only way to protect animals from Hemorrhagic Septicemia

Giving example, Dr. Laxman Singh Baghel said that the most serious disease Hemorrhagic Septicemia occurs mostly in rain, which is spread by bacteria. Animals do not even get a chance to recover from this disease.

In this disease the animal gets high fever. Swelling in the throat and wheezing sounds while breathing. Antibiotic and antibacterial vaccines are administered to protect the animal from this disease. For the prevention of the disease, the first vaccine should be given at the age of three months and every year thereafter.

The body temperature of dairy animals is 106-107 °C. There is pressure in the throat, due to which it becomes suffocating for the animal. To prevent this, vaccination should be done every year. There is no cure for Hemorrhagic Septicemia disease, but vaccination is the only way. That’s why animals should be vaccinated.

How to protect animals from hoof-mouth disease?

Dr. Laxman Singh explains that the cracking of hoofs and blisters on the tongue is called hoof-mouth disease. This is a virus-borne disease. In this disease the animal is unable to eat anything. Fever and weakness gradually become debilitating. Treatment is possible in this, but the milk of animals and their ability to work is greatly reduced. That’s why you can protect them with vaccination.

This disease is the most contagious and deadly disease of animals. The disease can occur in any age in cows. This can happen in any season. Therefore, it is beneficial to get the vaccine before time. If any milch animal shows symptoms of this disease, then first of all isolate it from other animals. Then wash the wound with a bactericidal solution. Give soft grass-feed to the animals.

Hoof-Mouth disease

Vaccination is the only cure of Blackleg disease

Animal husbandry expert Dr. Laxman Singh Baghel said that limping in animals is a very fatal disease. He said that the severity of the disease can be gauged from the fact that in this disease spread by bacteria, there is swelling in one part of the animal. It spreads rapidly and even kill animals. This disease is seen in both cows and buffaloes, but its outbreak is more in cows.

Swelling occurs in the upper part of the hind and fore legs of the animal. This causes the animal to limp and walk. A crackling sound is heard when the inflamed area is pressed. Therefore, treatment of the animal should be done soon because due to the bacteria of this disease poison is spread in the body and the animal dies soon. Preventive vaccines for this disease are available in the market, by which animal owners can save their animals. This vaccine is given before the rainy season. The first vaccination should be given to the animal at the age of 6 months. After that the vaccine is given every year.

Deworming is necessary once in four months

Dr. Laxman Singh Baghel said that apart from these, some diseases are caused by insects, whether they are internal parasites, that is, stomach worms, nematodes etc. or external parasites like lice, ticks, mites. Therefore, these worms lay eggs in the stomach and make them weak by sucking blood of animals from the intestines. To protect them from worms, feed them once in 4 months. This process is called deworming.

Some easy ways to prevent diseases

Animal husbandry experts suggest to the livestock owners that in order to prevent diseases, apart from vaccination, there are some such measures, which you can try and save animals from many diseases.

Cleanliness is essential to avoid muzzle disease occurring to milch animals. Also, if you don’t let them sit for an hour after milking, you can protect milch animals from this disease to a great extent.

In this way, by getting different vaccines for many diseases on time, you can save your animals from many serious diseases, while also saving yourself from financial loss.

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