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Integrated Farming: This woman developed a model form for fellow farmers, today earns lakhs of rupees for the month

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Anita Pushpa, who hails from Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka, does not belong to agriculture family, despite this she is not only a successful farmer, but the people around see her as an inspiration and all this was made possible through integrated farming. 

Everything changes with the passage of time and the one who adopts this change moves forward. The same applies with respect to agriculture. With the changing times, the farmers who have adopted new technology have become successful farmers. The farmers of Anita Pushpa’s area used to do farming traditionally. In this, they worked hard and the profit was less. Whereas farming can be made easy and profitable with the use of new techniques and modern machinery. That is why the woman farmer Anita Pushpa is no less than an inspiration for the people of her area today. Today her farm has become a ‘model farm’ for fellow farmers. Farmers come from far and wide to see the model of Integrated Farming that she has prepared in her farm.

Integrated Farming
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Who is Anita Pushpa? 

Anita from Kokradi village in Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka has received only basic education. Before marriage, Anita had no relation with agriculture. After marriage, she often used to watch a TV program related to farming and after getting inspiration from her husband, she started farming. According to Anita, her husband not only encourages her, but also supports her in every activity related to agriculture. He has 6 acres of land, out of which one acre cultivates paddy, while 2 acres has 1500 betel nut plants, 1 acre rubber and the rest 500 pepper, 100 coconut and 50 banana plants.

How did you get information about Integrated Farming Technique? 

Anita Pushpa used to watch a program related to farming on Doordarshan as well as participate in ATMA programs online and offline. During this she learned about new techniques related to farming. During the training, she took part in many farm trainings. She started it only after understanding the nuances of Integrated Farming. During this, she was in touch with the Agriculture Department of her area.

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What machines are there in Anita’s model farm? 

Borewell is installed in her field for irrigation. Apart from this, she rents tractors and tillers etc. They have machines for mowing, milking, and sawdust. Apart from farming, she is also doing animal husbandry. She has 5 cows and 5 pigs.

Integrated Farming
Image Credit: agricoop

Manufactures many products 

She makes ghee from cow’s milk and sells it in nearby houses. Prepares organic manure from cow dung and urine. Apart from this, the green fodder  Azolla given as fodder to the cows is also cultivated. 

Anita earns double the cost 

  • The cost of betel nut cultivation is Rs 2 lakh, total income Rs 9 lakh, direct profit Rs 7 lakh.
  • The cost of rubber cultivation is 30 thousand rupees, total income 80 thousand rupees, profit 50 thousand rupees.
  • The cost of cultivation of black pepper is 30 thousand rupees, total income of one lakh rupees and profit 70 thousand rupees.
  • The cost of coconut cultivation is Rs 1 lakh, total income Rs 3 lakh and profit Rs 2 lakh.
  • The cost of milk production is 25 thousand rupees, total income is one lakh 8 thousand rupees and profit is 83 thousand rupees.
  • The cost of pig farming is Rs 15 thousand, total income is Rs 40 thousand and profit is Rs 25 thousand. 

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Anita Pushpa has received the Taluka’s Best Farmer Award in 2020 under the ATMA scheme for her contribution to agriculture sector. Mangalore-based KVK has also awarded her the best farmer of Belthangadi taluk. 

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