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Lumpy Skin Disease: Home remedies and precautions to prevent lumpy skin disease, know from veterinarian Dr. Banshidhar Yadav

After Rajasthan, Gujarat, Punjab, now lumpy skin disease has knocked in Uttar Pradesh


Lumpy skin disease in animals has knocked in Uttar Pradesh after Rajasthan, Gujarat, Punjab. From the government to the livestock owners are worried about the lumpy skin disease spreading rapidly in the country. In other states like Rajasthan, the state governments have come into alert mode by taking the central government so that there is no huge loss of milch animals. Animal husbandry is being informed by the respective department. Dr. Banshidhar Yadav, Veterinary Doctor and In-charge of Veterinary Hospital, Harsauli, District Jaipur shared his field experiences during the treatment of lumpy skin disease with Kisan of India. Also, tell some ways of home remedies when the initial symptoms appear. 

Lumpy Skin Disease
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How do the symptoms of lumpy skin disease start in animals? 

Dr. Banshidhar Yadav informed that in the initial symptoms of lumpy skin disease, animals are walking with a limp. After this swelling in the feet, lumps of one to one and a half inches are forming on the body. The animal is having high fever up to 105 degrees. Along with this, the saliva from the mouth of the animal is decreasing and the ability to eat and drink is decreasing. Less milk is produced and the body of the animal suffering from the disease goes weak.

Dr. Banshidhar Yadav told that lumpy skin disease is caused by the infection of campri pox virus in cows. It is spread to animals through saliva, leftover water and animal feed. It is also spread by mosquitoes and flies that sit on the body of an infected animal. Healthy animals that move or come in contact with sick animals can also get infected. Veterinarian told that the outbreak of lumpy skin disease is more in hot and humid weather. The way the heat and humidity is increasing in present time, the risk of spreading the disease has also increased. However, its effect diminishes in cold weather.

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Home remedies for lumpy skin disease 

Dr. Banshidhar tells that if the farmer starts seeing any initial symptoms, then start home treatment immediately. He told that after heating 500 grams turmeric, 500 grams black cumin, 100 grams black pepper, 300 grams carom seeds, neem leaves, giloy leaves and one kg jaggery in five litres of water, give 150 ml to the sick animal in the morning and evening. Animals condition will definitely improve. 

Dr. Banshidhar Yadav further says that the wounds that are being formed due to lumpy skin disease, preparing home medicine and applying it on the animal’s body will give a lot of relief. He told that make a paste by mixing a handful of cilantro leaves, 10 buds of garlic, a handful of neem leaves, a handful of rosemary leaves, 20 grams of turmeric powder, a handful of basil leaves and 500 ml coconut or 500 grams sesame oil. Mix it and let it cool down. After cleaning the cow’s wounds, apply this cold mixture directly on the wounds. On the other hand, if there are insects in the wound, then first apply camphor mixed with coconut oil or make a paste by grinding cilantro leaves and apply it on the wound, it gives relief to the animals from the wound.

Lumpy Skin Disease

What precautions should be taken to avoid lumpy skin disease? 

Follow strict biological safety measures on farms and premises of milch animals. New milch animals should be separated from sick animals. Lesions of lumpi skin disease should be examined. Avoid movement of milch animals in the area affected by lumpy skin disease. Affected animals should be isolated from the herd with feed, water and treatment. Such animals should not be allowed to graze. Use suitable insecticides to control mosquito and fly bites, he said. Use vector repellent regularly to reduce the risk of vector transmission. Better management should be done to limit vector breeding sites near the farm. To control and prevent the spread of lumpy skin disease, get healthy animals vaccinated.

In case, if the condition of animal is not improving with these remedies, then immediately consult a veterinarian.

Lumpy Skin Disease  

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