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Millet Farming: Parvati build her Farming Business worth 50 lakh with an Investment of Rs 20,000

Took training and set up a market for millet products.


Hailing from the Sangareddy district of Telangana, Parvathy Shetty comes from a family of farmers. Parvati studied till 7th standard and lived with her family in Gangapur village. She had 3 acres of land and also decided to adopt inherited farming skills. He started cultivating cash crops, jowar, and small millet.

Due to loss in farming, started selling Jowar rotis

Parvati Shetty also faced losses in the cultivation of jowar and bajra. There was a significant loss financially. Then in 2008, she moved to Hyderabad and started selling jowar rotis there. He didn’t get much profit from this business either. Many types of financial problems also came, but he continued his work.

Millet Farming
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Took Training and Set Market for Millet Products

Meanwhile, Parvati Shetty came in contact with the ICAR-Indian Institute of Millets Research. From here, he took training in advanced millet production to food products made from millet. He came to know about the health benefits of millet. Parvati Shetty also started making other people aware of the health benefits of millet. His business also started progressing. Parvati today prepares delicious products like roti, noodles, namkeen, poha, biscuits, and papad from millet.

She has also developed a new millet-based product, ‘Millovit.’ This is a healthy drink. Parvati has sent this health drink to the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) for approval.

Millet Farming
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Employment to Women

Parvathy Shetty also provides seeds of improved millet varieties to Telangana and Visakhapatnam farmers (Andhra Pradesh). Then she buys millet from them only. In this way, he has also created a systematic market system. Parvati also conducts training camps and seminars for skill development. He has also worked to employ many women. A group of 30 women farmers has been formed. These women work with him. She has emerged as a critical trainer for other women entrepreneurs.

Millet Farming
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Rs 50 lakh turnover

Their products are popular in the local area under the name of Bhavani Foods. Initially he started his business with an investment of Rs.20,000. As of today, his annual turnover is close to Rs 50 lakh. He has been awarded the ‘Best Millet Machinery Fabricator Award’ by the Society of Millets Research and ICAR-Indian Institute of Millets Research, Hyderabad.

Bajra Farming beneficial for Farmers

Millet cereal crops like jowar and bajra are not only good for health but also good for agricultural economy. Millet is also being promoted to eliminate malnutrition from the country. The government hopes that its purchase will prove helpful in doubling the income for the farmers cultivating millet. In addition, the United Nations General Assembly has also declared 2023 as the ‘International Year of Millets’.

Benefits of Millet

Millet not only works to keep the digestive system healthy, but it also protects against many diseases. Fibers are found in abundance in millet. Bajra is gluten free, which is beneficial for the body. It is also helpful in getting rid of the problem of constipation. Millet helps in controlling the cholesterol level. Due to which the risk of heart related diseases is reduced. Apart from this, it is also a good source of magnesium and potassium, which are helpful in controlling blood pressure. 11.6 percent protein, 5 percent fat, 67 percent carbohydrate and 2.7 percent mineral salts are found in millet. Millet plant is also used as green and dry fodder to feed animals.

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