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Modern Farming: MBA degree holder Akhilesh Pandey went from zero to earning in lakhs

Work done with the advice of scientists, got success.


Modern Agriculture | When Akhilesh Pandey, a resident of the Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh, started modern agriculture, he did not know much about it. Coming from Raipur Karchulian block, MBA degree holder Akhilesh wanted to make his career in marketing and management, but fate had something else in store for him. Today he has made his mark through modern farming.

His dream remained unfulfilled due to family and personal problems. Meanwhile, he met Anit Singh, a progressive farmer from the area. After meeting him, Akhilesh decided to apply his marketing and management skills to the agriculture sector. He contacted the scientists of Krishi Vigyan Kendra.

Sowing of Kharif season onions

Agricultural scientists looking at the farmland, cost, and Akhilesh’s enthusiasm motivated him to plant Kharif season onions. Another vegetable production is also suggested in another two-hectare area. Akhilesh was told about advanced techniques for Kharif onion production. Every necessary material was also made available.

Modern Farming
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Agri found Dark Red Onion variety

Akhilesh planted Agri found dark red onion variety. This variety is considered most suitable for the Kharif season. In this modern farming, he adopted many advanced techniques. Every precaution was taken, from solarization of nursery beds, nursery management, transplanting, drip irrigation, nutrient management, and many other methods in 2 hectares of land.

Work with advice of scientists got a success

Akhilesh got 448 quintal yield in the first attempt itself. This earned him an income of about Rs 5 lakh 37 thousand. The total cost of cultivation was around 68 thousand. That means Akhilesh got a direct profit of about 4 lakh 69 thousand rupees.

Akhilesh said that no business had expected such a good profit quickly with a small investment. His onion crop was ready in 120 to 130 days. This boosted Akhilesh’s morale.

Advanced Technologies adopted

Akhilesh thought of trying something new in farming. He was advised by KVK scientists to cultivate a hybrid variety of tomato. Following this advice also, Akhilesh cultivated tomato hybrid variety HMT 256 in 1.2 hectare area. Adopted advanced farming techniques like drip irrigation, INM and IPM. The cost of 50 thousand rupees per acre came. This earned him an income of Rs 7.2 lakh. Today he is a successful agri-entrepreneur of his field. He attributes his success to modern technologies, Krishi Vigyan Kendra and his marketing and management skills.

Modern Farming
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Specialty of Agri Found Dark Red

Agri Found Dark Red variety has been developed by the National Horticulture Research and Development Foundation, Nashik. It is dark red in colour. Ready to harvest in 95-110 days after transplanting. It is the most suitable variety for Kharif season. Agri-Found Dark Red Onion variety is a good option for the farmers in Kharif season for better production with less cost. This crop is ready only after three months of transplanting the plants in the fields. Farmers can earn profit of at least more than 2.5 lakh per hectare by modern farming. This variety has been considered suitable for the whole country.

Modern Farming
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