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Pig farming: Know how Poonam reduced the mortality rate of pet pigs with an economical trick?

Solves a big problem at low cost


Looking at the benefits of pig farming in the recent past, many youths are joining this business. Pig farming if done properly can give good returns at low cost. But the biggest problem in pig farming is the high mortality rate of piglets. To deal with this problem, Poonam Devi, a resident of Jharkhand, has come up with a very economical and effective method, which not only reduced her mortality, but also solved many other problems of pigs. 

Heat break from soil 

Farmer Poonam Devi of Hazaribagh district (Morangi) of Jharkhand has 0.4 hectares of cultivable land. She is also involved in pig farming business. The biggest problem in this business was the high mortality rate of piglets for them. In addition, heat stress caused problems with their fertility, foetal development, low birth weight for piglets, and blindness. First of all she tried to find out the reasons for this.

 pig farming
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Easy way at low cost

She concluded that body weight and climate are closely related to pig productivity. The most favourable temperature for them is +20 °C to 10 °C and humidity up to 30 percent. When the temperature and humidity go above this level, the problem of heat stress increases in animals. This has a negative impact on their development. The traditional method of preventing heat stress is very costly and poor farmers cannot afford that much. In such a situation, Poonam Devi came up with an innovative method which is very economical and effective. They spread a 2-inch thick layer of soil on the pucca floor for three months (April to June). Reducing heat stress in this way improved the weight of piglets, increased milk production, significantly reduced birth blindness and mortality in piglets. The soil layer acts as a thermostat, which maintains the ambient temperature by checking the heat radiation. By 2011-12, they earned a profit of Rs 19,200 from 20 piglets, which increased to about Rs 22 thousand.

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 Training and Achievements

She became a successful women entrepreneur only after taking training from ATMA and Krishi Vigyan Kendra. About 68 farmers adopted this new technology and it proved to be very economical and successful. ATMA and Krishi Vigyan Kendra recognized her work.

Keep these things in mind for pig farming 

The height of the ceiling should be 10 to 12 feet in the place where the pigs are to be kept. Actually, pigs feel more heat. There should also be a proper arrangement of water. To protect pigs from diseases, get them vaccinated on time. Give balanced diet to pigs. Maize, soya DOC, mustard cake, rice bran are the staple food of pigs. 

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