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Solar Energy Village: People of Modhera village in Gujarat do not pay electricity bills

Country's first village to run on solar energy.


Solar Energy Village | The villages illuminated by solar energy are making their identity today. The rising cost of electricity is a big problem for poor farmers because they cannot use much of the electric farm equipment due to the high cost of electricity. In many villages, there is still no electricity for 24 hours. In such a situation, the electric equipment used in agriculture becomes useless.

But imagine if people in villages also get electricity for 24 hours, and that too without paying the electricity bill, how it would be? Yes, this can be possible with the use of solar energy. Modhera village (Solar Energy Village Modhera, Gujarat) of Mehsana district of Gujarat is India’s first solar energy village.

Here, solar panels are installed on the roof of every house, and due to solar energy, the electricity bill of the villagers has been reduced by 60 to 100 percent. Solar energy is no less than a boon for poor farmers.

Solar Energy Village
Image Credit: UN News

Renewable energy became a source of additional income

After using the electricity generated from the solar system, farmers can also earn by selling the excess electricity to the grid. Ashaben Mahendrabhai, a 38-year-old Solar Energy Village Modhera farmer, is doing just that. Ashaben and his family do farming.

Many types of electrical equipment are used in this. Earlier, she had to pay a bill of Rs 2000 every month, but after installing solar energy panels, not only has her electricity bill become zero, but she is also earning extra by selling the electricity left after use to the grid. This has increased their savings and improved their standard of living.

Solar Energy Village
Image Credit: UN News

Savings due to Solar Energy

For small farmers, whose income is not very high, the huge electricity bill is no less than a problem. Due to high bills, they are not able to save anything. One such farmer is Kailashben of Solar Energy Village Modhera.

42-year-old Kailashben’s income from agriculture is meager and she could barely manage the family’s expenses. Their life became easier after the installation of solar power panels by the government. Due to solar energy, his electricity bill does not come now. She uses this money for household expenses. Some of it is saved and deposited in the bank as well.

Solar panels and solar systems with one kilowatt capacity have been installed on every roof of Modhera village. All these panels are connected to the Battery Energy Storage System (BESS).

Solar Energy Village
Image Credit: UN News

Saving will become the support of old age

After the installation of solar panels, the electricity bill of the farmers of Modhera village has become zero. Along with home electronics, he can now use farming equipment without the tension of electricity bills. Not only this, he can keep the savings of electricity bill safe for old age.

Pingalsinh Karsanbhai, a farmer of the village, says that earlier his bill used to come to Rs 3000, but now it has become zero. He will keep this amount of 3000 rupees every month safe for old age, that is, in a way it will work as his pension.

Farmers are getting double benefit by installing solar panels. Along with saving electricity bill, their life ahead is also being secured. Solar Energy Village is not a dream but a reality today. The people of Modhera village have also proved this.

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