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Do Onion Seed Production from Tuber to get more Crop

Onion seedlings are first prepared in the nursery.


Onion Seed Production from Tuber | Any crop will do well if its seeds are quality. That is why along with crop production, farmers also need to pay attention to seed production, especially onions. Onion is a member of the “Amaryllidaceae” family, and its scientific name is Allium cepa. Onion consumption is very high in our country and is also produced on a large scale. If farmers want to earn more profit from onion crops, then along with the crop, they have to learn new techniques of seed production. By adopting advanced seed production technology, they can earn more profit from onion farming.

Onion Seed Preparation

The onion seeds are tubers only, and the crop is prepared from them. But it is not right to get seeds from onions planted for crop. For this, it is necessary to adopt advanced technology in seed production. Under this, the tubers are removed and then sorted and separated. Pure and good quality tubers are sown again for seed. By doing this, farmers are saved from sowing impure or disease and pest-affected onions and get a good and healthy crop. It is necessary to have a distance of 5 meters in the crop at the time of sowing. It is also necessary to keep 2-3 bee boxes in one hectare of the field because the pollen grains meet during the flowering of plants.

Onion Seed Production
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Soil and Climate for Onion Seed Production

For onion seed production, loam, sandy loam, or smooth loam soil whose pH should be between 6 to 7.5 (pH 6 – 7.5). Also, there should be good drainage, and the soil should be rich in organic matter. Day temperature should be 20-25 degrees centigrade, and night temperature should be 10 degrees centigrade at the time of transplanting of tubers.

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How to Plant Onion Seeds

Onion tubers are first sown in the nursery to prepare seedlings. Then, after 60 days these seedlings are planted in the fields. The top one-third of the onions selected for seeds are cut. After this, soaking in 0.2% Carbendazim and Mancozeb solution for 5-10 minutes, they are planted in the field. Sow the tubers in a well-prepared field by making flat beds of 60X30 cm. At a distance of 6-7.5 cm. is planted at a depth of About 25-30 quintals of tubers are required for one hectare.

Onion Seed Production
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Manure and Fertilizers

Use fertilizers only on the basis of soil test. While preparing the field, 50 tonnes of well decomposed cow dung, 240 kg calcium ammonium nitrate or 60 kg urea, 150 kg single super phosphate and 80 kg muriate of potash, 10-12 Kg P.S.B. culture is mixed in the soil at the rate of per hectare. Apart from this, one kg. of urea is sprayed after 30 days of planting and 35 kg of urea is sprayed after 45 to 50 days of planting. The number of irrigations depends on climate and soil etc.

Generally, crops sown in November-December should be irrigated at an interval of 10 days. Crops sown in January-February should be irrigated at an interval of 7 days. Further, crops sown in March should be irrigated at an interval of 2-3 days. It would be appropriate to use drip method for irrigation. For weed control, do weeding at an interval of 4 to 5 weeks.

Harvest the Crop

Not all onion seed stalks mature at the same time. In this case, they should be harvested 2-3 times. Ripe stalks are cut at 4 to 5 cm. Cut along the long stem and when it is completely dry, dig it out to get the onion seeds. The seeds obtained in this season can be used in the next season.

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