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What things to keep in mind in scientific pig farming?

There is good profit in pig farming in scientific way. This youth of Jharkhand became an example in Pig Farming


In animal husbandry business, if a good profit can be made in any one way, then it is commercial pig farming. It also costs less. All you need to do is adopt a scientific approach to management, marketing and care of the pigs. The same work was done by 36 year old Manchan Beck from Jharkhand. Manchan attended a training program on commercial pig farming. After this, after developing the skills related to this business, he started pig farming by adopting scientific techniques in his farm. The result was excellent.

Scientific Technology of Commercial Pig Farming

Manchan Beck, a 36-year-old youth from Jharkhand, has 4 acres of land. He mainly does commercial pig farming and management to meet the family expenses. Earlier, he did not get much income from pig farming. Then in September 2018 he participated in a skill based training program on ‘Commercial Pig Farming and Management’ organized by Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA), Gumla in coordination with State Agricultural Management and Extension Training Institute (SAMETI), Jharkhand took.

From here he got training on commercial pig farming. He got information about scientific breeding, management and effective marketing techniques of pigs. By adopting it in his farm, he earned a good profit. Today he earns around Rs 3.5 lakh annually.

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Important information given in training program 

In the training, all the important information related to pig farming was given such as the location and prospects in business, arrangement of housing for pigs, important breeds of pigs and their characteristics, preparation of low cost feed / feed using locally available ingredients. Importance of water in nutrient management, breeding and management of pigs, management and housing of pregnant pigs, disease management, prevention and control of communicable and non-communicable diseases, vaccination schedule of pigs, marketing of pigs. got information.

These changes made to the form 

  • Based on the information received in the training, he made several changes in the piggery unit. For example, arrangement of housing for pigs according to their age group and their development order.
  • Proper care of pigs which reduced their mortality rate. Good arrangements for food and health were also made.
  • The training also made him understand the importance of vaccination to protect the pigs from diseases. Now he has started getting the pigs of his farm vaccinated at the right time.
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Inspiration to others 

It is a common occupation in Gumla district of Jharkhand. Most of the people rear indigenous breeds of pigs, due to which there is a problem of disease and low productivity in pigs. Through the training program, the youth got to know about the improved breed of pigs and better management. Seeing the success of Manchan Beck, other rural youth are also slowly moving towards commercial pig farming with scientific techniques. Manchan now informs the surrounding farmers and youth about the improved breed of pigs. Apart from farming, he has suggested an excellent source of additional income for the farmers by rearing pigs in a scientific way.

Start only after taking training 

Kisan of India team has this advice for those interested in pig farming that it is not as easy as it looks. One should step into this field only after taking training. If you take good training, then there will be profit. You should know when to give vaccination, how to treat and maintain. You can take training by going to Agriculture University and Krishi Vigyan Kendra. After this, pig farming can be started from a small level. 

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